Monday, May 9, 2011


Mills and Boon, tales of dark mysterious men, lonesome nights, rich heirs and exotic locations. Love, Drama, Lies, Cheats, Romance. Not my thing really.

But apparently my mum had a thing for all of that. When I (vess!) was in Malaysia, my mum and my awesome aunties decided to clean out some of my grand parent's cupboards. These are only some of the few intriguing things that they found.

My mum said that she spent her time reading her M & Bs throughout her teenage years! What I personally love about them was the gorgeous illustration work that's been done for the covers. Individually, I believe they look quite 'tacky', but because of my mum has a multitude of them, they look fantastic together! The lovely pastels and images of intrigue. I love it! Especially the demure colours in the illustrations. Wouldn't they make awesome notebooks?

I know what you're thinking, did I pick any up and indulge myself in these fantastic romances?
I did.
They really were rubbish though, I mean, after reading the first book and then the second, I could predict how the rest of the stories went. Rich/Poor girl meets a man who is dark and mysterious, meets some else who is loaded, the girl has a major choice between love or money, someone does something bad, the girl gets her man! yippee...
seriously, they weren't that enjoyable.

But that didn't stop me dreaming about my own mysterious stranger

more stories and images of intrigue coming soon, especially some from singapore!

-keep inspired-

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