Saturday, May 21, 2011


Hi guys! Found some time to do a brief description of my first night in Singapore. :)

Destination One: Church of Our Saviour
Wonderful church with absolutely wonderful people! Was really excited to catch up with friends (most of whom I've only met once before, and they made me feel like part of a family.) and meet a ton of cool people. An awesome dynamic church which I truly recommend to anyone who is living in Singapore. Go there and you'll definately feel loved!

beautiful nat (my tall buddy) and rach!

you couldn't find a more lovely bunch

Destination Two: Holland Village
Went for Dinner at the extremely cool Holland Village. Didn't get to wander around much, but it seemed like a great place with some seriously awesome night life. AND because I know that we have some lovely foodie readers out there, here's what I had for dinner! 

Katong Laksa and Otah = YUM. The Laksa was really yummy and had a really nice flavour. The Otah is for those with a higher threshold for spicy food. Okay, I personally can't eat spicy food so anyone who can eat pepper and not crindge will definately love eating Otah. 

And my gorgeous dinner companions:

Destination Three: Home

So that was the first night in Singapore. Much to do yes? Well, there is still more to come! Briefly, my tour guide around Singapore was my absolutely gorgeous friend Miss Rachael. More about her and her loveliness later. :)

until then, you know what we say!

-keep exploring-


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