Friday, April 15, 2011


We've Seen Some Rainbow Bubbles

Teenage Foodie made our day. She listed us as one of favourite blogs!! And she had this to say about Big Picture Stuff:

"creative and makes me happy, written by my friends who are twins" 
We have to thank you all so so so much for the support and comments. Whether it has been on Facebook or on our blog, we have been so encouraged knowing that we have been inspiring and have just generally making people feel happy!

Hope today, you too will see some Rainbow Bubbles!

-keep smiling-



  1. Your blog is amazing!! :) pretty sure ive seen you around before at citylife and monash haha! :S sorry if that sounds stalkerish. :S but i love your blog! you have such amazing talents, the both of you! :) keep at it ! xx

  2. awwwww thanks guuys :) how do u keep posting so frequently?? where do you find the time?

  3. Thank you Kim-Anh, you're super sweet! So happy that you like our little blog. Hopefully we'll keep inspiring you and you'll keep visiting! xx

    Haha, you deserve a special mention teenagefoodie! Finding time? Well, there ARE two of us! ;) we're trying to make it a priority to post everyday. xx