Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Took these pictures a while ago, while Vess was still in Singapore (soon, soon, she will post about her adventures!). 

We received this large bunch of Twinings tea bags from a family friend who works with promoting and selling these lovely delights. So I'm assuming she must get some staff benefits, because the last time we went to visit her, we returned home with such a large amount of these colourful tea bags! 

I just love my tea, the smell, the warmth, the taste and it's such a great way to relax after a cold, wet or uneventful day. Also a great way to stay awake while finishing a uni assignment! 

I would also like to share with you some lovely and exotic packaging and tea bags which we discovered at a friend's bridal shower. As we had quite a few people in the hotel room, one of our friends, Ness ( who is amazing at ensuring she receives all the hotel benefits ) asked for some tea and coffee for our bridal party. And what came from room service was a platter adorned with tea bags and goodies and these adorable little boxes of "Madame Flavour".

Which once opened contained the loveliest of teas!

Not only, did these delightful boxes contained beautifully packaged and tasting tea leaves. But contained an additional note from Madame Flavour herself.

I especially love the part, "Yes, it is only tea. But I believe small things can make a difference to your day." -Madame Flavour.

You can look and experience Madame Flavour's loveliness here at their website; Have a look! I had such fun reading her whimsical writings and insight!

Look out for the little things which can make a difference to your day!

-keep smiling-


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