Saturday, March 31, 2012


Vess and I sitting and spending the time away in a cafe around the corner from our house. Vess sipping on a 'honey-cola' and myself, enjoying a very large Mint hot Chocolate! 

These little boxed babies, I bought from a little Asian shop close to Vess' uni. You know those small shops which sell stationery, cute rubbers and all the items which you don't really need but you buy cause they're just SO cute! 

These little post it notes hold justice to that fact! Look at them! They're just so cute! 

There hasn't been many photos post up, cause our parents have been using our camera on their Israel trip. They are currently on their way back from Israel (I like to call them pilgrims) probably with an SD card load of photos and experiences to show and tell!

Feel free to re-post, tumblr, tweet, share any of theses photos on our blog if you feel so inclined! I would love to see these cute little ones circulation the web, bringing smiles to people's faces with their adorabl shapes and sweet pastel colours. 

Hopefully we'll have a fashion post up soon! 

But until then, would love to find out what types of post YOU would like to see more of!

-keep smiling-


Friday, March 16, 2012


Welcome friends to our house  of harlow spread This particular necklace which Vess is so beautifully showcasing (she could totally be a model of some sorts!) was a birthday present from a lovely friend, gifted to Vess for her birthday. She has actually wanted this necklace for so long and for quite sometime now, she's been showing it to me; pictures online, in the shop, in magazines and on lucky individuals who happen to be blessed enough to own one! Well, once she did obtain the necklace for herself she was quite thrilled ,(she calls it her pendant of awesomeness).
If you have a chance, do check out their brand! It's extremely beautiful and their pieces have such a classic, yet modern look to them!

Hope you've enjoyed the pictures!
Hopefully I'll be able to take some more pictures soon, the drab weather in melbourne doesn't make for many good photo taking days!

-keep stylish-


Sunday, March 11, 2012


Project: To spread the love and support through typography
Aim: To present love through simplicity
Materials: Fine liner, card, coloured circles

The other day I was reflecting on the importance of words in our lives and how sometimes it's so much easier to speak  words which tear down rather than build UP. (I think it's called tall poppy syndrome, where you tend to chop down other people around you, who seem to be doing better.) But I started looking around me and it seems that our world, through the use of social networking, blogs, twittr, etc. has become a more supportive and more encouraging to one another through our words. So I've been trying to transfer the same encouraging spirit into 'the non-cyber world" and starting to spread the LOVE through cards. 

These cards were inspired by one of many crafty blogs I search through (procrastinate) on when I have a chance. It's such a blessing to share with other creatives online and to be inspired by these people who are so generous to share their work with others. 

Lettering and words, created by me, so please do enjoy!

"Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen."
-Ephesians 4:29-

I told Vess that the "happy birthday" card looked like an egg.

White on the outside, yellow on the inside! 

What do you reckon?

-keep crafty-


Friday, March 9, 2012


"Oranges and lemons,
Say the bells of St. Clement's.

You owe me five farthings,
Say the bells of St. Martin's."

Hello lovely friends! As Vess indcated, I do have ALOT of keep stylish and fashion posts to show you! Mainly because our lovely mum has reignited her love for sewing and fashion! This dress featured is the star of this post, as this was designed, hand sewed, pieced together by our lovely, talented and amazing mother! 

Honestly, I tell my friends, that it's because of our mum that we put so much effort into our fashion sense/ style. She still sometimes double checks our outfits before we go out, to ensure we're presentable (as in no colour clashes if the right accessories are being used etc.!). At first it was a hassle, (why can't I wear trackies if I want to?) but it's been a mighty fine blessing when you get older, to have someone double check your look, to add a piece here and there. With Vess and mum around, it's like having two of my own personal stylists at home!

A little bit of details about the dress, mum and Vess bought the fabric at spotlight, from the vintage pattern section. It's really lovely and has such a beautiful colour brightness about it, which sparks up the room! The dress pattern, I personally reckon is a pretty popular one at the moment, an empire cut, high waist line with a bit of swing to the skirt. 

But my favourite part of the dress would have to be....the pockets.

Mum says, if she put pockets in, I would wear ANYTHING..

So true.

What have you guys been doing to keep creative? 

-keep stylish-


Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Heyo friends!

I don't know about you, but Melbourne has been extremely cold! Last week we were enjoying sticky warm weather whereby I could wear shorts casually and comfortably. Okay, we were enduring it.
But now.... It's cold and I'm wearing thermals under my pjs and a cardigan on top!

So yes. Melbourne weather is just wacky.

On a warmer note. All this cold weather got me thinking about being foled into a big warm place, so it was surprising that I managed to stumble upon this find:

It was sitting within my multitudes of photos and random bits of inspiration (which includes this image:)


This cute little guy was a present that we had made for our darling friend Selina. We made it for her birthday present one year. And we were pretty chuffed that it turned out so well! We learnt how to make this little cutie from one of the best crafty books that I have used! More Softies is just one of those books that has wonderful images and really really makes you want to make yourself a warm and soft companion to make these cold Melbourne nights seem, not so bad.

So I hope that this post finds all of you lovely readers in a place that is warmer than my toes are right now. 

Thank you for reading and visit us again on Thursday.


Because Val will be blogging and I think that she has some fashion photography to share with you lovely lot.

keep inspired