Sunday, July 29, 2012


Well recently I did some adveristising for the Streets icecream brand. 

Without even realising. 

How pro am I! 

Have a look below:

Let's have a closer look shall we? 

It's all very amusing! 

I didn't know Streets had used our photo, my friend Jon, just happened to come across the photo of me on his news feed and apparently I am of one street's wall photos! I think they probably found this pic from Big Picture Stuff. But seriously, it's quite surreal to think there's so many people (unknown to little me), viewing this picture and probably laughing at my surreal facial expression. 

Ahh...I'm actually more than happy to bring a little bit of joy in this world, just by being my nutty self.

I'm thinking of making or taking a response photo, any ideas? 

I was going to make a mini cornetto or something...hmm..

But definately thought this would be a keep smiling post! 

Mali update soon! 
My comp is so slow with  large photoshop files, so bear with me and my slow lappy, which needs more RAM apparently, (and cows, sheeps, chickens..proteins to work harder..hehe)

-keep smiling-


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