Sunday, May 22, 2011


Hey lovely readers!

Before we begin with another post about wonderful Singapore, something must be clarified. In Singapore, there is generally two main things that people do: shop and eat out. Both I have no issue with, exactly, I quite enjoy both.

Thanks to Rachael, I'm more that pleased to share with you all, the places to go to keep stylish in Singapore!

This is a must see if you are ever in Singapore. Haiji Lane is simply divine. Loved loved loved shopping here! Before I attempt to dispel in words my absolute adoration of it, I think that I'll just show you a taste of what's it like:

be prepared to enjoy pure loveliness.

Seriously gorgeous isn't it? I loved it there. Could not get enough of the wonderful things that Haji had to offer! Okay, a quick Vess assessment:

There's a lot of variety:
From stationary to homewares, to vintage clothes, there is A LOT to buy at Haiji. The Jewellery in particular was a stand out. Featuring independant jewellery designers, there was lots of really beautiful pieces, rings especially, that were gorgeous and quirky. Like rope rings, rings with large stones on them, rings with pretty imagery. Ahh! So lovely!
Clothes wise, you can't get enough of it! There are gorgeous dresses and shirts, lots of sweet clothes that are made from quality materials. Some of the shops were a specific label and had a really interesting range that had beautiful folds and shapes.

 But,you better save up if you want to buy a lot at Haji, it's definately for those who have monnies...(not students like me!) But one or two pieces are fine. What was also awesome, was that there was also vintage shops! There was only about three or four places that sold vintage clothes, but one in particular had some quality pieces! Lots of gorgeous quirky things that I just wanted to take home!!! (But my suitcase was too small unfortunately...) 

Great designs in terms of the stationary:
Around every second shop were selling stationary. Letter writing sets, diaries and notebooks, or design books. It was so lovely. The stationary itself was really well designed and just wanted to take everything home! The notebooks had quality paper and really gorgeous cute designs. If you ever get to Haji, buy stationary!

It's the little details that count:
Each shop displayed a certain level of pride in it's interior design and in it's stock. In terms of design, there was just so many things that made me go "OHhh! Wow!" There was a store with three beautiful cats walking around, old wardrobes holding some of the pieces, lights that were made from bowler hats, old turn tables and telephones. Some of the shops were located upstairs, they even took the extra effort to decorate the stairs. Lovely!

Hope that gives you, our lovely readers, a small indication of where you can keep stylish in Singapore!

-keep exploring-

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