Friday, April 27, 2012


Project: Love, Love, Love, Love
Aim: A card for a special friend
Materials: Paper, scissors, 

Hello lovely friends, decided to share some more crafty pictures with you lovely people! These cards I made    earlier on in the year for a dear friend's birthday. She's really sweet, kind and caring and I hope that this card could reflect her personality, with the bright colours and all.

This was also one of the first cards which I have made that has a matching envelope. Ah, I love envelopes, it ads an extra, delpth or newer dimension to your cards. It's the first part of the experience, which once you open, contains another experience inside. 

I wonder what it was like 'back in the day' when people would right cards and letters all the time to one another. Thus, making it all the more special when you receive something. 

Well, if any of you lovely people want to receieve a card in the mail, send us an email with your name and address and I'll see what I can do for you! 

I was talking to some of my student life friends this week, and we were reflecting on what areas of our life, we were finding it difficult to surrender fully to God. One area, which I personally found that I had trouble with surrendering all to His Glory was my art and my crafty passion (which I find is employed mostly to B.P.S) So i've challenged myself, once a week to draw a picture/image for Jesus to share his love.

So here's the first one ;

-keep crafty-


Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Well hello again friends! 

The weather in Melbourne is EXTREMELY drab and wet, (just imagine those movies when the character thinks "this can't get any worse" and then it starts pouring cats and dogs!). I think three rooms in my house are leaking. Which is unfortunate because the rain is supposingly, going to continue for the rest of the week. Hohum, I guess I'll have to hold out for a couple more days, wrapped in mutliple jumpers and scarves. 

This blog post is dedicated to the baking endevours of Vess and our little sister Viv, who wanted to try something new with the good ol' ginger bread men. 

Made with icing sugar, flour, eggs, butter, chocolate and loovveee

All sorts of fun, yums and wonderful delicious ideas

I'm not too sure why Vess seem to have been inspired specifically by Asian influences (seems there's a bit of "Kung Fu fighting" going on there) and there's some traditional Chinese dresses. I think, these were made around Chinese New Year, cause I can't come up with any other ideas why she would make lil Chinese ginger bread people. 

Well, I hope you enjoy the pictures!

Hopefully I can upload some more pictures of projects that I've done, for Vess and a couple of friends to show you lovely people. But depending on the reliability of our internet. Dad may have "fried" the internet a couple of days ago, and uploading hasn't been the same since.....

Hopefully if you're experiencing the awfully cold weather, you're managing to stay warm!

And for those who are in a warmer climate, closer to the equator, you lucky people! 

-keep smiling-


Monday, April 16, 2012


Hello lovely friends, as promised here are some pics of an outfit post with the beautiful mustard clutch which was featured in the last post. I'm wearing the same dress Vess wore in the last keep stylish post (the cute dress from Israel) and a cropped jumper from Forever new (which now I feel I paid too much for. I have a slight case of post buyer syndrome).

What do you guys think of our new blog buttons? Try clicking them, and it'll bring you to the list of blog posts with that label. So whatever you guys feel you would like to 'keep' doing, you can easily find.

 We would like to tidy up or blog a tad, but it's so hard sometimes to get the correct; links, html, url....etc. If any fellow bloggers have any good websites or tips we would love to know! 

As I said on the last post I went to Student life camp last week. It was a really inspiring time to centre myself and to be challenged in my own walk with God especially in the area of sharing my faith with others. 

Cause, all good things are meant to be shared and enjoyed! 

Hoping you guys are having a fabulous day! 

-keep stylish-


Wednesday, April 11, 2012



A garden full of clutches.

Welcome to my varied attempt at garden/bag/product photography. It's been such a busy past month, I haven't had a chance, to do much shopping or take and edit photos!

These shots were taken on a misty morning, with, not my DSLR (which at the time was in Israel), but with my Samsung Galaxy phone! It's quite amazing how well the pictures came out!

These three clutches are new additions to my family of bags! Each have an interesting story which I am happy to share to you lovely friends. 

Well, this first bag was bought at the Camberwell market (who else LOVEs the camberwell market?) for $5. Initially we saw a similar bag at another store for $25, which pained me to part with, but then I came across this little one. What drew me to both bags were the claspe: this nifty, unique turn-ey contraption.  Which you can see being illustrated in the above picture!

THIS bag was gifted to me by my dear close friends for my birthday. I've been wanting one of these 'envelope' clutch bags for aaaggeeesss, but never got the chance to buy one for myself. When my Aunty saw the bag, she said it looked like something I would carry my files in. I was like' nope, it's just to look good! And I don't have files anyway.' 

Totally loving the mustardy colour of the clutch. Fashion post coming soon which featuring this amazing clutch.

This last bag was bought by my wonderful mother (on like her second day back from Israel), from the Salvo's shop, which was having a half price sale! 

This wonderful bag, was bought for $2.50! Totally loving the front detail work and the colour. I used it for church on the weekend, and it snuggly fit my bible, notebook, phone and wallet very well. Ticked all the boxes!

On a side note, came back from Student Life camp today,

Met and was encouraged by so many new friends from hearing their own stories and how they fit in God's 'big picture' of things!

Can't wait to tell you more about it friends!

-keep smiling-


Saturday, April 7, 2012


I seem to have an odd fascination with moustaches and moustached individuals. 

I'm not sure where or why the sudden interest in moustaches originated, but it is definately a quirky, cute and whimsical well known object to play around with! 

I personally have found in my own shopping adventures, that any item which features a moustache, instantly becomes more desirable on my part. I guess, I really enjoy the quirkiness (i use that word too much) and the very funny aspects of a moustache for us, modern day individuals. 

It could be said that this is a collaborated blog post. Photos and cookies were taken by the wonderful Emerald (think this would have to be the 5th time we have featured her talents on our blog.) who is both an amazing baker and photographer

We found these cookie cutters, at Melbourne Central, and Em, being an avid baker and moustache enthusist, was like, "I HAVE to have them!". This card was pretty simple to make, just cut out a moustache, whip it on a card and add some witty writing to it! 

Thankyou amazimg readers! You all are amazing!

Hope you are having a restful and joyful Easter Weekend lovelies!

-keep crafty-


Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Hello lovely friends!

These lil beauty of a dress was brought back all the way from Israel by our wonderful mother. Mum and Dad took, according to our Church friends their 'second honeymoon' and were away for the past two week journeying through the Holy Land, learning about the Jewish culture, splashing it up in the Dead Sea but most importantly (and the real reason why they went!) to really get to know the culture and foundations of Jesus and his life. 

Quite an appropiate time, I reckon, as Easter is just around the corner! Yay! For us in Melbourne, it means a four day weekend, with family and friends. For those who know of Jesus' sacrifice, its a time of thanksgiving, reflection and assessment of our own lives and faith. 

These photos were taken in our backyard early in the morning. Since our parents took our DSLR camera with them to Israel I've been devoid of phototaking for the past two weeks. As soon as they were back, I was snapping away the next day! 

Tried a bit of a different editing style with this one. More muted and toned, with a bit of a feathery feel. What I love most about the pics would have to be the morning sunlight seeping through the leaves behind Vess. 

Some more exciting news! Val (that's me!) got a hair cut, it's like a retro short bob, I'm slightly scared that it looks too similar to Vess (it's a twin thing not to look the same as another person), but will 'unveil' my new hairstyle to you guys tomorrow! You can give me an assessment on whether I should be worried about getting mistaken for Vess. 

-keep stylish-