Thursday, May 26, 2011


The final day in the lovely land of Singapore was spent with my wonderful auntie!

She took me Orchard road and we went ALL the way up to the top levels of... Orchard Central and we got to go STATIONARY SHOPPING! Who doesn't love that? :)

I got a couple of sketch books as presents, so hopefully I can share some thing with you guys soon!

But on a more serious note.

Stationary in Singapore

well cheap compared to Australia

After I had an enjoyable time browsing and enjoying the wonders that is stationary, we moved quickly to city plaza. There you can find a ton of clothes from Korea and Japan. They had a couple of really gorgeous things that were soooo lovely and soft! Quite a variety, but don't expect to get anything that's at an economical price! I did pick up a top and a dress for.. $10 each? I think that Val's going to share some photos of that dress with you lovelies soon.

And then, I said my goodbyes to my uncle and auntie and Rach, and I was on the plane home.

Which is another story in itself, lets just say that I got to eat grapes from business class and I was simply blessed beyond my imagination.

Lovely readers, that concludes my travels in Singapore! Thanks for reading and sharing this with me! Hopefully I've given you some insight to: where to go, what to see and encouraged you to go there for your own Singapore adventure.

I can't wait to share with you a brand new segment that will feature my wonderful friend and my tour guide on my Singapore journey!

for the finally time from my travels:
-keep exploring-

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