Monday, May 2, 2011


 Project: A happy, whimsical and useable 18th birthday present 
Aim: To specifically cater for the cooking love and passion within our friend
Materials: Stripey Fabric, Iron-on printing paper, some thread and a sewing machine

Made this little project quite a while ago, at the beginning of the year for our lovely friend Emerald. This is probably the extent of my sewing skills, anything more intricate than sewing a straight line on cloth is not my forte. My lovely mother showed me how to make this apron and helped me along the sewing process. And the professional looking font on the front of the apron was made by Vess using photoshop and an iron-on transfer. She's amazing at what she does!

Our friend Emerald, is really special, she has such a beautiful heart for God and for people and she has quite an amazing passion for cooking, baking and anything to do with food. And she has a soft spot for cupcakes in particular. She's recently just started up a cooking/baking blog which you can explore here at

We did something fun and put, General Shang, from the Disney movie, Mulan in the pocket. Shang is Emerald's favourite character and we thought he could be an extra, little special surprise for her.

And presenting the lovely Emerald herself! Funny, the day that we took the pictures, she actually had made a cake in the morning for us. Will share some pictures soon of it, apparently her cleaner said it was 'beautiful'! And it pretty much was!

See how happy she is. (Probably cause she's wearing such an amazing apron!)

Keep looking, I'm personally waiting in anticipation for Vess to check in from Singapore!

-keep crafty-

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