Monday, May 23, 2011


Hello dear readers, so, I've still got a bit more to say in terms of shopping in Singapore! And I can tell you now, I haven't even skimmed the surface of where to shop in Singapore, there's definatel a lot more than what you see here. :) More awesome places that you should visit and see in Singapore:
Bujis is market like area where you can pick up really cheap clothes! $10-$25 for most things that are in season. It's a one stop shop for anything that you would like to wear for like, a few months? The clothes are definately not made to last! Still good fun to pick up something to wear in the varying seasons.

Orchard, this is like shopping hub of Singapore! The stores here are AH-MAZING. Topshop, Forever 21, Zara, it has all of the brands that I wish that had down under! Lots to buy and just tons to see. There's nothing more to say, yeah, just go Orchard

This was a big surprise! My lovely guide took me to this place called Cine-Leisure and we went all the way to the top. THIS IS WHAT YOU FIND!

Birds & Co was a place that praised the beauty of forgotten things, embraced gorgeous type and paper and encouraged feelings of awe and marvel. You can find really beautiful stationary, design books, postcards and things that you don't really need but you waaaaannnnnntttt!! Pictures speak so much louder than words: (Doesn't the animal masks remind you of Breakfast at Tiffanys?!)  

Editor's Market had really really really really gorgeous clothes. A place that I would definately recommend. The pieces are well chosen and are made from gorgeous materials. Simply beautiful. A cool aspect of the Editor's Market, the increased number of items you buy, the more the price of a single item decreases. So definately go there with a group of friends and ENJOY!

At Scape we discovered Toy Locker and Curious Teepee. Toy locker basically had all the bits and bobs that I had seen around Singapore. But, they were all in the one place! Really good fun to explore and see what they had. You can pick some curiousity there, like my dear friends who bought "Party Rats"- ideal for night blogging. 


Stationary, toys and cameras were extensive. Definately go check it out.

Oh! And look who I found!

Curious Teepee was a chance discovery! With an absolutely gorgeous interior, the space is used well to accomidate quirky products and items that are either, beautifully designed or are fascinatingly fun! 

So yes my lovelies, hopefully you will all agree that Singapore is a sensational place where one can shop, be inspired, keep stylish and explore! I loved it so much.

OH! And finished the night with Thor!


-keep exploring-

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