Monday, May 16, 2011


Project: A sentimental and thoughtful 'going away' card
Aim: To be witty and a bit clever while supporting a good friend
Materials: Photoshop, white paper and Google Translator

Hello friends! Here's a card we made a little while back for our great friend Ben. He's such a great guy and we made this card to see him off on his new adventure, teaching English in Japan! This card was inspired by the tourist shirts which I saw in Greece, when I went on a school trip in year 11. There were these hilarous shirts with simple Greek words and their meaning on the front of a plain white t. So I assumed if you wanted to communicate you just needed to point to the appropiate word on the shirt to get your meaning across!

If you haven't realised the last long Japanese word at the bottom is suppose to mean 'We'll miss you" which once you open the card, you'll read . 

We've only known Ben and Lauren for a little while, but they've been a real amazing inspiration and some-what 'life gurus" for Vess and I. Thanks Ben and Lauren for all your wonderful advice and for sharing your adventures with us!

Not often do we get to show you our final product being enjoyed by the recipients but here is a photo of the potential Samurai Ben and beautiful Lauren taking a look!

Thanks for being patient friends! Keep looking for some exciting and up and coming posts! From the distant (not really) land of SINAPORA!

-keep crafty-


  1. wow, this is overwhelming Vess and Val. I'm a little teary eyed here in my futon in Japan. I'm so glad that you pick up on our positive vibrations. I know Lauren has super positive vibrations, and i hope i do too. I guess it takes feedback like this to confirm what you hope is true about how others perceive you. I must respond to this in an equivalent magnitude. stay posted.