Saturday, April 30, 2011


Just touched down in Singapore. Taking a quick nap and then: Singapore Exploration!

Blogging soon!

Love you all


-keep exploring-


Friday, April 29, 2011


Hello beautiful readers!

Vess here dropping a line to update you on what's been happening on my side of the world! Val has been doing a stunning job with her blog posts. When I have to opportunity to use the internet (we don't have wireless at my grandma's house!) I always always go straight to BIG PICTURE STUFF! And I've always found inspirational, stylish, amazing posts by the very talented Val! It makes me excited and makes me miss her!

Soon I'll be posting what I've been up too, and will be doing a very special post about my next destination:


-keep smiling-



Much love from my travels!

Images and stories, a little window to my world, coming soon.


Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Quote of the Day
"One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as an adventure."
William Feather

I believe it was yesterday or the day before that I came across this lovely treasure parked infront of some one's house. I was taking a little stroll with my dognand came across this! I have to say, it is extremely adorable! It seems one of my favourite past time is stalking and appreciating vintage cars. 

Found the quote above, online, as it was on the quote website, as the 'daily quote of the day'. I personally believe it is very fitting, for 'Big Picture Stuff'

Looking at the car, I can just imagine someone jumping in and taking it out for a ride, an adventure into the world! For some reason, taking a road trip in a vintage or retro car seems more fun and romantic than a four wheel drive. I think it's the nostaglic feeling again, of the good ol' days when people had more time to do crazy, spontaneous things!

On another note, does anyone know what type of car this is? 

"Adventure is out there!" -UP

Let me know how your day is different today, when you choose to see it, not mudane and repetitive but as an adventure. 

-keep smiling-


Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Hello friends! Here I would like to share with you some beautiful prints created by the amazing Charley Harper.

Charley Harper was an American Mordernist artist, best known for his highly stylized wildlife prints, posters and book illustrations. His illustrations have appeared in the Golden Book of Biology and in Ford times and have now been collected together in the above book, 'Charley Haper, an Illustrated Life'.

We personally came across this amazing art work when we went for coffee with two of our lovely friends, who brought us to a graphic designy bookshop. There were some AMAZING books, such as this one! And then I saw the same book again in Vess' uni library. So, I thought it was calling me to blog about it. 

I highly recommend google searching Charley Harper's artwork, they are truly stunning! 
I personally love the simplistic line work yet also the details in the colours he uses and the way he uses his white space.

Have a wonderful and blessed day!

-keep inspired-


Monday, April 25, 2011



Shoes: Malaysia (mum's wardrobe)
Scarf: Gift from Milan
Stripy Dress/Shirt: Malaysia
Bali Jacket: Savers

Well, I was looking throught the blog archive and it seemed we haven't done a Keep Stylish post for a while. So, here's a lovely jacket which Vess bought for me, from the mega, op shop super store SAVERS. Yup, the same place where I obtained my lovely camel shirt!

Why the name you may ask? Well, I wore this jacket to Church on Sunday and one of our family friends said, "Wow, is that shirt from Bali? It's so colourful, very Balinese right?" And then I said, "no, it's from the op-shop, but it could be Balinese! (if you want it to be...)" Was an interesting exchange of words for a Sunday morning.

So, decided to name this jacket the 'Balinese jacket'. Makes it sound more creative, original and quirky.

Hoping you guys are enjoying the posts!

Cause I've definately been enjoying making them for you!

Oh, and if you're wondering, who took my pictures since Vess is gone. The photo skills are done by my lovely little sister Viv, she's a sweetie and always seems to find herself, willingly or unwillingly drawn into the 'Big Picture' world of her older sisters.

-keep stylish-


Sunday, April 24, 2011

// DORAEMON: happy birthday

Project: Doraemon 'Happy Birthday' card 
Aim: To share some joy to a vivd Doraemon lover
Materials: Coloured paper, Glue, Blue Texta, Black Fineliner

So, I've been doing my best to keep things going at 'Big Picture Stuff' while Vess is gone, and so far it's been going well. Gets me really, really inspired by those who do their blogs by themselves! (Trust me it's so hard to do an outfit post when there is noone really excited there to take pictures of you!)

There's only one time in the year that I take out my pencils and textas, and search 'Doraemon' on google to draw, and that's on Marco's birthday! This little card of delightful 'blueness' is for one of my dear friend and as you may have figured he really likes Doraemon.
  "Doraemon, is a japanese anime, about an earless robotic cat named Doraemon, who travels back in time from the 22nd century to aid a schoolboy, Nobita Nobi"

I never knew Doraemon was a cat until I wiki-ed it. Interesting, you learn something new every day! 

have a wonderful and beautiful Easter of appreciation, love and family!

-keep crafty-



Look at this!

Hello lovely viewers, I have the wonderful pleasure of introducing you to;

-The Peter and Jane Books-
"The first book in the series, Ladybird series 641, was published in 1964, and the series was completed by the first publication of the 36th book in 1967. Over 80 million books in the series have been sold worldwide, and the books remain in print in 2006."
These are some lovely little pieces of treasure from our childhood! The amazing 'Peter and Jane Books'! I think we've had these for quite some time now, and I think these were passed down to us by some family friends. Luckly I salvaged them from the recycling bin and they are now here today for your viewing pleasure.
I personally LOVE the bright blue and orange covers ( i think I have a tendency for bright orange items, such as the Penguin Classics) and the hand drawn images. Looking at the artmanship and the design of each page gives me such a quirky and fun feeling of care free childhood times and learning.

We would also like to say a quick update on what's been going on in our lives, sadly our grandfather passed away recently on Monday, and thus our mother and Vess flew back to Malaysia last Tuesday.
 Sorry about the irregular posting, as it's been a very hectic week for us. So I (Val!) will be doing my best to 'man the ship' while Vess is gone, as she doesn't have very good internet access in Malaysia. 

Thanks so much for 'keeping' up with us and for your all your support and encouragement!

-keep smiling-


Monday, April 18, 2011


A short film created by French filmmaker Albert Lamorisse in 1956. Detailing the adventures of a young boy, it features Lamorisse's son as the mischevious child who discovers a bright ed balloon. Filled with lovely imagery, the balloon has a life of it's own as it follows the boy through the streets of France.

Love love love the beautiful images that Lamorisse captures. The essence of 1960 France is simply beautiful and the joys of childhood is prominent in this lovely film.

But instead of telling you, maybe I'll just show you.

-keep inspired-


Sunday, April 17, 2011


A casual bohemian approach to the little black dress. Paired with harem pants, this take on the LBD is a little bit "I dream of Jeanie", with a little bit of neutrals, with just a bit of classic style.

Knits with any black dress guarantees a light and effortless gorgeous look

As promised, LBD week two is up on a lovely Sunday evening! Thanks for trusting in our promises! :)

Was just over the moon with the encouragement that we recieved from the last LBD post. I (Vess) hasn't really practiced my illustration skills in a while! Its been a joy to share my illustrations with you and recieve so much love! So here is another illustration in a different style that has an emphasis on detail. Do you like this style or the LBD week one?

In terms of illustrations; I really can't wait to share with you some of my favourite fashion illustrators! And in terms of the LBD, lovely Val has been encouraging me to try some different things with the LBD. Because I see her as my personal super stylist, I'm excited with anticipation of what we'll think of next. 

Please stay posted to see what we do next week!
-keep stylish-



Project: Unique and personaled photo frames
Aim: To show love and appreciation to some wonderful friends
Materials: $1 woodern frames from Ikea, white and black paint, printed Batman comics, finishing gloss.
We made these quite a while ago as presents for our dear friends; Meiling, who's amazing work you can see at and Ngoc, who's inspiring and sometimes very hilarously funny work you can explore at Take a look, and leave a comment I'm sure they'll appreciate it!
These photo frames were made to remember happy memories and to cater for our lovely friend's own personal styles. Ngoc, is a total Batman and Robin starstruck follower and Meiling is quite simplistic and a realist sort of gal. Can you guess which photoframe is for who?
nanananananananan BAT MAN!!! (just had to say it, don't know if I will get another opportunity!)
have a wonderful week!
-keep crafty-

Friday, April 15, 2011


Dotted top: Feathers-op=shopped
Skirt: Tempt
Hair Piece: Diva
Scarf: Mum's wardrobe
Shoes: Grandma's wardrobe


Here's a pic of one of our very unique pairs of flats. We like to call them 'Granny shoes' cause I think they actually belonged to our Grandmother. Found them at the back of our shoes cupboard one day tried them on and they looked lovely! Extremely unique and quite 'in style' at the moment. 

The bow detail and the floral pattern seem to be very reaccuring elements of many clothes today. So these lovely slipppers seem quite at place with today's universal love for vintage and quirky pieces. 

Also would like to introduce to you our lovely dog, Angel. She's a cutie pie. Very lovable and excitable little thing. She's guest appearing in our post because as we were taking these photos, she was also trying to sneak out the door.  So Vess grabbed her to stop her from journeying too far.

Thanks so much for looking at our blog!
All your support really makes our day! Truly it does.
We can only hope that we are able to make your day, just that little bit brighter too!

Have a blessed, wonderful, spotty and floral weekend!

-keep stylish-



We've Seen Some Rainbow Bubbles

Teenage Foodie made our day. She listed us as one of favourite blogs!! And she had this to say about Big Picture Stuff:

"creative and makes me happy, written by my friends who are twins" 
We have to thank you all so so so much for the support and comments. Whether it has been on Facebook or on our blog, we have been so encouraged knowing that we have been inspiring and have just generally making people feel happy!

Hope today, you too will see some Rainbow Bubbles!

-keep smiling-