Friday, February 22, 2013

//GOODBYE for a new chapter

Exciting news!

Read below for some exciting and new information!

Yes, it is true, unfortunately, we have moved from blogger to wordpress accompanied by a new layout, design and a fresh start to our photography and design future.

This decision came from my own troubles and difficulties with using blogger and htmls and also a desire to create a more enduring and professional blog space by having our own domain name.

After some thought, we also decided against moving our blog posts from our blogger website over, but rather, we decided to  select a few posts which we felt would suit our new direction. 

I've really enjoyed our time at this blog and receiving such encouragement and feedback from so many of our dear friends and family who make blogging and our photography so enjoyable.

This blog will be still be up and running, but sadly no more updates.

We would love it if you guys started to follow us on our new website for more beautiful photography, whimsical dreamings and exciting design projects!

Thankyou so much for supporting us here and we hope you continue to support us and taking this exciting journey with us at


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

//MAN and his STYLE

Sadly my attempt at consistency in blogging has again nulled, due to being quite busy with a couple of fashion shoots that I've doen recently. Been looking through some old blog posts and found that I think we've been saying that we've been wanting to change and update our blog layout since last november! (and its already Feb!). So sorry guys! It's crazy how time flies. 

And thankyou to all our readers, friends and wonderful supports of Big Picture Stuff who have responded so well to the pics of Jordan and Maddy. There are a few more shots to come soon, so stay posted!

So many of you have told me how much you enjoy our photography  and I would like to say with all sincerity "Thankyou" from the bottom of our hearts. It's always such an encouragement to hear from friends that they enjoy our work and that there are more people, besides ourselves who enjoy pretty pictures and amazing people.

These photos, amazingly were taken at Jordan's house. It's such a gorgeous place, that even though it's quite small, it's so neat, spacious and very loungey-like. And having taken these photos on one of Melbourne's oven-like days, I really just wanted to jump into his pool!

Vess and I have both noticed a move away from our traditional blogging antics. The past few blog posts have strayed a bit from a focus on ourselves, and we have included alot of fashion shoots.

So we are both going to slowly start narrowing our focus to photography and art and design. Going to  redo our blog layout (hopefully in the next few days) and tidy up our facebook page.

Which I have to say, thankyou to all our new subscribers and likes on FB!

Appreciate and love you all!

Once we get over 200 likes we're planning on making something special!

-keep stylish-


Thursday, January 31, 2013

//MENS style

Here we go, my first shoot with a male model. To be honest I went into this quite worried cause I've mostly (actualy only) have shot lovely ladies in my blog posts or for my projects unless it was for a couple. But nevertheless, I took to the challenge, consulted look book and went for it. 

I'll tell you the truth you lovely readers of B.P.S, I simply adore Mens clothing. I think it's the sleekness and the charm of mens style that fascinates me. I love any collared shirt and a man in a skinny tie is top notch. Rather than buying dozens of cheap pieces, men only really need a few staple good quality shirts and ties for them to stay in fashion and in season. (Boys, feel free to correct me if I'm wrong!)

I'm quite happy with this photo set, got some really nice poses and great ideas for future shoots! There's more coming up, featuring Jordan in his Ray Bans and next to his pool. Did I happen to mention how much I love Jordan's shoes, totally stunning.

I don't know how I would go pulling of some great kicks, but I know from my guy friends that they can range to $200 plus for some good pairs.

I've got two more sets coming up soon! 

And some future photo shoots coming up.

I may break it up by posting some of my recent inspirations

-keep stylish-