Monday, May 16, 2011


So, here it is, the beginning of the long awaited Singapore post. It will probably take a week for me to get down everything that I want to share, but I think that I should start were all good stories start, at the beginning!

Me arriving in Singapore airport with my auntie Joyce, who happens to be simply awesome. If you need to transit anywhere, I  definately recommend Singapore airport. It's got tons to do and tons to eat. PLUS free wi-fi!! So awesome, was checking up on BIG PICTURE STUFF in Singapore Airport and seeing the WONDERFUL POSTS Val was doing! I know you guys enjoyed them as much as I did. Oh, and apparently there is a butterfly room  in the airport with like, real butterflies moving around. I'm yet to find that...

Don't have that many photos of my first hours of Singapore but I can tell you some recommended must see sights! As we drove past, my aunt and uncle updated me on all of the exciting developments Singapore is going through. 

  • Singapore Botanical Gardens are extending, and it looks AH-MA-ZING. From the car window, I saw tons of structures that were elevated, it was a very organic structural space.
  • Marina Bay can't get enough of this place, it has so many awesome resturants in the area, but what I seriously love is the way that the space has been designed. It's got an "open" quality to it. Lots of space, lots of things to see and do. From afar, the architecture is stunning!!! 
image via:

Unfortunately I didn't get the opportunity to visit the Marina Bay area this time round (been there previously), but from the car window (so sad) I got to view the absolutely incredible architecture in Singapore. And as a result of that, I was like hyperventalating in the back seat. "OH MY GOSH! what isss that?" Look at the picture, can you see that BOAT on top of the three buildings?

Did a bit of research and found the architects were Sadfie Architects. They have really cool desigin philosophies, believing that "Architecture grows out of a vision of a way it can affect the lives of individuals for whom buildings and public spaces were created." They also have a stunning variety of work

Singapore has some seriously interesting architecture that is so wonderful to the eyes, mind and will be enjoyable for anyone who goes for a visit.

Can't wait to show you where is the places to shop in Singapore.

Oh, and meet my "cousin" Shadow.

 -keep exploring-


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