Saturday, November 19, 2011


Hello readers!

Today it is raining buckets in Melbourne and I thought that it would be an ideal time to rain some delightful inspiration onto you!

I have a special appreciation for the Keane family. Glen Keane was the head animator and responsible for bringing some of the most loved and recognisable characters to life. Tarzan, Pochantas, Ariel and Rapunzel (to name a few). His style of drawing and his overall heart is simply incredible. He's one of the people that I would love to meet and just talk to, he's one of those people who went through the stage of hand drawn animation through to computer animation and is still doing what he loves. Some links to set you on your way to enjoy his beautiful style and skill:

But the Keane family awesomeness doesn't stop there!

Claire Keane is the Glen Keane's daughter and they worked together on the disney movie Tangled. She was artist for the concept of Rapunzel and she also created all of the Rapunzel's artwork makes the mural that are on the walls of her tower. The picture below is the result of her painting the same imagery in halls of Disney Animation Studio!!

Isn't she amazing? Check out her own personal tumblr here:

Finally, Andreas Deja is an amazing Disney Animator who has worked notably on Disney Villans! He has his own blog that is a treasure trove of reasources and imagery from previous disney animators archives. Such as Milt Kahl and Marc Davis (Two of the...12 old men?) He still posses a wonderment for animation and he really celebrates the work of early disney animation: 

And lets finish off with some sketches of my favourite guy.

Flynn Rider:

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Hello dear ones! Within the gift wrapped packages, lay these amazing stamp sets from Kikki K! It felt like an early Christmas, opening these gifts from Jon and Steph. I love the delicate feel of the stamp sets and how the font is so quirky, so fun and  just so perfect! 

I am greatly anticipating future card making project with these lovelies, especially since Christmas is just around the corner!

Really can not believe a year has gone by already, Vess says it feels like two has gone by, considering the about of work and learning she's done at uni. For me, it feels like a year, a very short year, of finding my feet in my studies and my own focus in life. 

We're hoping to alter our blog header and layout soon, so stay tuned for some changes! Which hopefully with manifest itself soon. 

Thankyou to Jon and Steph for being such a wonderful inspiration and such a joy in our lives!!

And also for blessing us with these Stamp Set.

And thankyou to you lovely readers for being interested in what little adventures we get up to!

-keep smiling-

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Hello to fellower travellers of Big Picture Stuff, or to explorers new our little universe.

Remember the ridicously good looking couple whose engagement photos we shot? Well, lovely Jon and Steph didn't stop with just a Thank you, they gave us gifts!

We thought they had given us enough by blessing with us the opportunity to document such a special occasion, but they just continued to be so kind! And how gorgeous is the wrapping of our delightful presents? It felt like Christmas had come early.

You know the best part? The Card.

Awesome Jon had address our card to us with what we use to sign off! That was so sweet and just made it a billion times more special!

And what exactly was wrapped up so beautifully in shades of pastel?

Well! They gave us.....
you'll have to wait till our next post.

keep smiling

Monday, November 7, 2011



Hello there darling readers

Despite the appearance that we have been lacking a consistency in our posts, it should be noted that we have been collecting some imagery to share with you lovely lot! And Val has been refining her photography skills to create more and more beautiful imagery to share with you!

So this post is fairly special because it features/highlights the talents of our gorgeous mum. The beautiful top of a celebration of pattern and colour, was made by our extremely talented mum! I had gone fabric shopping with her and we picked up this beautiful silkily fabric that has a wonderful breatability (if that's a word-just spell checked my post. it's not a word) to it. Within a day, I had a new breezy light piece to add to my summer wardrobe. Mum's are great aren't they? If your mum's around you at the moment, take this as a hint to shower praise on your mum while holding her in a warm embrace. Why? Because you may find yourself with new clothes....

Oh, and the trippy little piece of a collage/photo manip/edit, up the top there was a result from Val asking me to "quickly edit" the photos. Symmetry and trippy hipster shapes are so much fun. Feel free to use that image any way you like. Tumblr it, We Heart it, Facebook it, Twitter it, Desktop background it....

So that's all for today my dearly beloved readers. Keep coming back for more images, more inspiration, and more photos of me awkwardly jumping in heels.

Have an absolutely stunning day.

keep stylish

Saturday, November 5, 2011


While I was walking around the other day, I came across these signs, made me smile so much.
I know they sort of look normal and regular, but I loved how they're so simple and exist to communicate a message.

Thought they were very quirky as well! 

Wow, today the weather was so warm in Melbourne, it made me think of the beach and eating fish and chips (which is what you do at the beach!! Among other things of course!)  

If you can see above the second picture the 'mummy' has a little love heart. Don't know how it got there, or who did it, but, I enjoy it nevertheless. 

Thanks for taking a look wonderful, beautiful people!

-keep smiling-


Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Yes, well, in the middle of all our exam studying, I decided to take a break and pratice my photography.  During procrastinating an endless amount  as I was simply avoiding my essay writing (which I am doing now) I was inspired by Nirrimi's blog We Live Young. My goodness, this girl is sooooooo impressive, she's, I think, 18 or 19 years old and she's done campaigns for billabong, diesel and has so much more work up her sleeve. 

I love seeing inspiring people achieve and go after what they love. I think that's why we find those movie stars, singers, athletes, entrepreneurs and anyone who passionately and tirelessly follow their dreams and aspirations so intriguing. We're drawn to those who are not phased by the daunting task before them, but they strive so hard to achive it, and when they reach success, it's just so magical.

"All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them. "
Walt Disney 

A little note about this dress, it use to belong to our Aunty from Malaysia. I love the lace detail so much and Vess looks slimply gorgeous in this dress!

-keep stylish-


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

//A world of PROPS

Well, I really wanted to make a tutorial to show how we made these props, but I realied I didn't take enough pictures of them to make a substantial tutorial. But still, I thought it would be nice to include some more behind the scenes pics of our work station. I realised in the above picture you can see what we were snacking on, German chocolate and chickpeas. (Is it normal to snack on chickpeas?) 

Basically the process to make the props was pretty simple, using felt, cardboard, paper, kebab sticks and lots of glue. It was three layers of the same template stuck down together and a kebab stick sandwiched inbetween to get the handle.

It's quite easy to make, but because we made so many it took as around a couple of hours. The great part is that these props can be recycled over and over again! 

Let us know if you want a tutorial done, or if even if you want some made for your wedding/party/birthday/celebration/graduation/picnic etc.!

And below are just some pics where I got my inspiration from! 

Aren't they awesome?

I especially like the really long beards and the smoking pipe! 

-keep crafty-