Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Say hello to my new, brown, lovely and very, very handy wallet bought for me by my adorable sister and amazing aunty from Singapore. From what Vess told me from her recent travels, Singapore sounds like it is currently the capital of vintage, quirky and retro fashion.

So in order to share my new wallet with you we took these pictures in a conservatory on the weekend. Hm, looking at the photos I thought the above photos looked somewhat like a mimco advertisment!

Sorry about the lack of blog posts, we will be on the ball very soon. Vess is just getting back into the flow of uni life and such, after her wild adventures in Malaysia! Keep looking, cause there''ll be an outpouring of inspiration posts from Singapore soon, as seen through Vess's eyes! I've looked at some of her photos and they're really beautiful!

-keep stylish-


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