Tuesday, October 30, 2012

//PUPPY LOVE {zara}

Vess, says, let the pictures speak for themselves, so I will. 

“Happiness is a warm puppy.” 
― Charles M. Schulz

Our lovely friends Virginia and Reuel recently acquired a golden retriever pup for Reuel's birthday.

Her name is Zara, and she is juts too adorable! 
I went to their house to take a few photos of their darling dog who was so full of energy and life despite being so little. She's become the unofficial mascot of our youth ministry and all of our friends who have gone to visit her, have fallen instantly in love.

I love seeing owners with their dogs. Their silent pride and connection is something only pet owners possess. Apparently over time, owners begin to look like their pets. I love testing out this theory when I take my own dog for walks, seeing the old man with a beard walking his grey shaggy dog or the lean lady walking her grey hound. 

And then there's me with a fluffy pomeranian. 

On a happy note, I (Val) has finished exams. Thus, will be able to spend more time blogging and actually fill out those blank, 'about', 'FAQ' and 'contact' pages for our blog!

Keep a look out for it and for more pictures of this lovely couple and their adorable dog.

-keep smiling-


Friday, October 26, 2012


Final shots of my mini photo shoot with Viv, from last week.
Sorry for the blog-absence, uni exams and assignments are rolling together, so I'm trying to get my study-on! Really can not wait for exams and uni to be over. We've got so many blog ideas, design projects, fashion shoots and collaborations that we want to get done. It's gonna be an EXCITING holidays!

Speaking of creative projects, Vess and I attending the Mali auction last night, which as I like to put it was a great 'closing off' of our Mali chapter. For those who are unaware, of our Mali journey, you can  check out this Mali blog update and this blog post of Mali in her place at Queen Vic Market.

It was such an exciting night, with all  the proceeds raised from the selling of each individual sculpture going towards the zoo and further zoo conservation. Didn't hit me until today, what a massive achievement and impact that our art work can have to help the future and to help the world. Really a truly amazing experience.

Below I've featured two of our vintage cameras! Does anyone know what these cameras are called?
One we bought at a country market fair and the other was my dad's old camera from his high school days. I really wished they both still worked, but sadly, Dad says his is broken and I wouldn't have a clue on how to use the box-y one.


Thanks for looking friends, expect more blog posts soon!

-keep smiling-


Thursday, October 18, 2012


“If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day so I never have to live without you.” 
― A.A. MilneWinnie-the-Pooh

Welcome to our blog post featuring our beautiful little sister Viv.

She's probably the unspoken part of v&v (I can anticipate that some of you will say, "so shouldn't it be v&v&v?")  When she has the chance, she'll be running around with us, helping us carry props and being the practical side of our creative endevours.

And yes, our family is full of 'V's. So in order the siblings in our family; Val, Vess and Viv. No boys unfortunately, and I would assume that if we did have a brother he would be named after a V as well. (Victor, Vincent..Valentino..hehe Valerio)

I quite love bubbles, it's such a simple thing, but elicits such joy and happiness to people. Pretty much; water, chemicals (soap?) and a bit of air and you have something so magical and beautiful. Isn't it always that the simple things in life are the most wonderful? 

Nearly the end of the uni semester, which means holidays! And hopefully time for more collaborations with some wonderful friends. 

Following this post will be a few more pics of Viv and our vintage camera collection!

-keep inspired/ keep smiling-


Monday, October 15, 2012


Taken the day of Jon and Steph's wedding. It was such a beautiful and elegant wedding. So much love, joy, happiness and support from both sides of the family, the friends and of course, from the married couple themselves. Yet again, I can not emphasize enough, how Jon and Steph are such a honest, pure, God fearing and inspiring couple. 

The day was full of such beautiful moments, my favourite would probably be watching Jon's face as Steph walked down the aile with her father. For those who have watched 27 dresses, you all would know/learnt that the best part of the wedding ceremony is watching the groom's face  as his bride walks into the room. The groom's face literally lights up with wonderment and awe at the bride walks in. I can't even begin to imagine the emotions running through their heads when they see each other for the first time (for the day) on their wedding day.

Sadly, I didn't bring my camera to the wedding. I was afraid people would mistake me as a professional photographer (what has caused some awkward moments in the past!). I totally regretted it later, as everyone was so nicely dressed and the lighting in the reception was beautiful.

But I enjoyed the day, nonetheless, despite not being behind the lense.

Sorry, this post doesn't even talk about the outfit at all! 

Well, thi dress, Vess bought a few weeks ago at Harbour Town Docklands. I think it was $25. The cutest part of the dress is probably the collar and the pattern. It's such a quirky little piece and Vess, with her curled locks, pulls it off so nicely. 

I need to ask Vess to take some pictures of me (Val) I seem to be a little bit absent (photo wise) within the blog at them moment.

Enjoy the lovely day, you even lovelier people!

-keep stylish-


Saturday, October 13, 2012


As promised here are some little snapshots of Vess' drawings and doodles. She's studying Graphic Design, so alot of the time she'll be; drawing, taking note of things which interest her and writing down artists or names of designers. She's also such a fabulous fashion illustrator, hopefully I can convince her to draw more! 

These drawings were done during her prato trip, Prato which is in Italy, as part of her uni course. She showed me these drawings and I love how she captures the atmosphere of her experience through; the Leaning Tower of Pisa dress, the watercolour of the landscape and the pen drawings of the architecture. (Shamefully, I still haven't sat down to look at all her photos)

As you can see, we've got a lot of talent running around this little blog. So much so, that I'm finding it hard to determine which area I would like to focus on.

-photography, fashion, design, art, illustration, travel-

so many areas! 

Lately, I've been procastinating and looking at alot of fashion photography blogs. (My fantasy world away from assignments and uni work!) There are so many inspiring examples of young talent out there and most of them are particularly young female photographers. Which motivates us to keep taking more photos and experimenting more! 

-keep crafty-


Thursday, October 11, 2012

//NINA {winter}


Final photo set of the beautiful Nina. Again, I cannot emphasize, what a trooper she was through the entire shoot. Always willing to grin and bear the cold she was such  a pleasure to shoot and collab with. Some final shots of Nina and her amazing style. For me her shoes were the best part of this outfit, they were such a beautiful, plum purple colour, and were of a gorgeous velvety testure. 

We changed location (more like, went to a different area of the Westfield car park) due to the continuous rain, to this gravely wall which was under shelter. Thus the photos are a bit more dimmer due to the lack of natural lighting but Nina still looks stunning!

Hopefully I'll be able to follow up this post with some posts of Vess and her artwork.  She's studying a graphic design course and I'm hoping by posting some of her pictures, she may be inspired to draw and paint more! 

Thanks again, to all our wonderful friends, who have 'liked' our FB page, you guys are stars! 

Hopefully you've enjoyed our 'rooftop' Nina series!

-keep stylish-