Sunday, May 29, 2011


Back in the day when there was sunny weather in Melbourne we had a little tea party with our friends. Friends, cake and food, one of the best combinations! Above are some pictures I took with my friend's (the nom nom baker!) camera. That's why the photo quality is so much better! I really liked the packaging for the 'PASSION POP' beverage that our beautiful friend brought. The colour and the font really makes an enjoying dining experience cause the use of the dots and the pale pink really evokes the ideas of the brand name, fun, carefree and sweet memories.

I would also like to talk about the scrumptious cake that you can see before you. Our friend Em, has SUCH a passion for baking so much so that she slaved away at making such a beautiful cake for us! It's amazing how two layers of sponge cake, cream and some coconut can taste so good! She definately let her passion 'pop' in making such a delightful and stunning eating experience for us all.

How did you let your passion 'pop ' this week? 

-keep smiling-


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