Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Hello to fellower travellers of Big Picture Stuff, or to explorers new our little universe.

Remember the ridicously good looking couple whose engagement photos we shot? Well, lovely Jon and Steph didn't stop with just a Thank you, they gave us gifts!

We thought they had given us enough by blessing with us the opportunity to document such a special occasion, but they just continued to be so kind! And how gorgeous is the wrapping of our delightful presents? It felt like Christmas had come early.

You know the best part? The Card.

Awesome Jon had address our card to us with what we use to sign off! That was so sweet and just made it a billion times more special!

And what exactly was wrapped up so beautifully in shades of pastel?

Well! They gave us.....
you'll have to wait till our next post.

keep smiling


  1. HEYA.
    so, i remember i made a deal with one of you that we would draw everything we ate for a week, a few months ago? well, i actually did it. but i don't think i ever showed you. anyways, i just got back into blogging again, so check it out :)


    lotsa love.

  2. HEY DANI!

    I totally remember that deal, and I did it too! Okay, that'll be my next blog post. I remember doing and thinking that I ate so so so so much bread! (cause I work at a bakery!)

    We have to hang out soon Danica! Let me know when you'll be freeee!

    Love you lots!

    btw, loving your tumblr for design inspiration, and you're food sketches are awesome! Can I post them on here? :D