Friday, May 27, 2011


Hey there lovely readers!
As promised, here is the very first post of a new part of Big Picture Stuff. You know those times when you meet someone who is just so insanely crazy amazing that you want to shout to the world how great they are?
Well, we want to do that here, with you.

So here it is! Posts dedicated to exhibiting the absolute amazing talents of people that we know! They inspire us, challenge us and we love them for it. And we know that they will definately inspire you too.

And to start us off, we are truly excited to share with you the creativity of our dear friend who we have known for aggesssss!
You might know her as my gorgeous tour guide around Singapore!

So meet our friend Miss Rach DFO

So yes, this is our stunning friend whom we adore, we wouldn't be the same without her.
A beautiful creative soul, she manages to challenge us, inspire us and encourage us. Seriously, how cool is she? So many film cameras, she made that gorgeous jewellery and her favourite book is about post modern art!
Oh, and she sings like an angel plays the ukulele. OH and my gorgeous dinner companions in Singapore, they are this lovely girl's wonderful friends, they in turn are sensationally talented in dance, music and in being just completely and totally sweet.

Rach answered this question for us!  
Big PIcture Stuff is when you acknowledge the little things and the impact that they can have
on the world!
And you can find her at she posts beautiful things that inspire her. Go there to get your daily fix of gorgeous inspiring images that will definately get you thinking. You will love it.

So that's it friends, please leave a comment about what you think of this new exciting part of Big Picture Stuff. Like it, Love it. We don't mind, we're just glad that we can share our wonderful friend's loveliness with you.


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