Thursday, January 31, 2013

//MENS style

Here we go, my first shoot with a male model. To be honest I went into this quite worried cause I've mostly (actualy only) have shot lovely ladies in my blog posts or for my projects unless it was for a couple. But nevertheless, I took to the challenge, consulted look book and went for it. 

I'll tell you the truth you lovely readers of B.P.S, I simply adore Mens clothing. I think it's the sleekness and the charm of mens style that fascinates me. I love any collared shirt and a man in a skinny tie is top notch. Rather than buying dozens of cheap pieces, men only really need a few staple good quality shirts and ties for them to stay in fashion and in season. (Boys, feel free to correct me if I'm wrong!)

I'm quite happy with this photo set, got some really nice poses and great ideas for future shoots! There's more coming up, featuring Jordan in his Ray Bans and next to his pool. Did I happen to mention how much I love Jordan's shoes, totally stunning.

I don't know how I would go pulling of some great kicks, but I know from my guy friends that they can range to $200 plus for some good pairs.

I've got two more sets coming up soon! 

And some future photo shoots coming up.

I may break it up by posting some of my recent inspirations

-keep stylish-


Monday, January 21, 2013


Presenting the beautiful Ashley, Ashley is Viv's friend from primary school and I believe they have been friends since kinder or some very cute age like that! These shots were taken in the park at around 8pm, with very dim lighting and probably not the best shooting conditions. Hopefully a little bit of filters improved  the bad lighting but hopefully can do another shoot soon. 

Ash is such a gorgeous girl, inside and out and she has such fantastic modelling skills. Pretty much any picture I took of her came out amazing, just cause she is such a beautiful girl. Honestly, having been a model myself, I know how intimidating or insecure it can be to allow another person 'control' over your image. Especially as I'm more use to being behind the camera it's pretty difficult to get me to relax. While for Ash, she was a complete natural in front of the camera (as cliche as it sounds).

I've also been taken some time today to simply relax and slow done a bit. And to be honest with you, it can be pretty diffcult. So I took a long walk, took my time doing the laundry (took me so long Viv thought I had gone out) and have spent the morning getting uni things organised  and looking at photography blogs. 

Which then makes me want to do more stuff and get busy with photography. 

So my relaxing day has only contributed to motivating me to get more busyhas only contributed to motivating me to get more busy

A final special thansk to Viv and Ashley for letting me take pictures of them.

Two such beautiful souls

-keep smiling-


Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Here we go, another outfit from Thailand!

This outfit is actually bought from second hand market stall in Bangkok. I was so surprised at the number of second hand and vintage clothes. There were piles and piles of them so many of which I wanted to buy but couldn't fit!

I love shopping in Asia, because of the sheer number of options and choices at hand, but at the same time its so difficult to find sizes. I guess cause they do cater for smaller people but it does make me feel slightly like a giant when shop owners don't have my size. 

Or when I see such exclamation on their faces when I ask for size 41 for shoe sizes or maybe for a size larger than their XL. Oh well, it restricted me from buying too many unneccessary items.

But everything was so PRETTY!

On another note, Vess and I were involved in such a fun project today! Today we did a mini photoshoot with one of Vess' uni friends and fellow graphic designer Danielle and her boyfriend Kris.

We learnt so much from both Danielle and Kris, on how to improve our own photoshoots, makeup and lighting wise. Can't wait to show you guys the shots! 

-keep stylish-


Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Some more fashion shots taken in our local park. Really blessed in Australia to have such beautiful park areas and trees' to take pictures in, to walk our dog and to simply relax. 

This little outfit here I bought in Thailand, the dress, I think was around 200 Baht (which once converted I think roughly is around $6 AU) and the belt was from the second hand shop. While the hat, which I personally think looks very rustic in the "Aussie Outback" was around $10 from TEMT.

Personally loving Melbourne weather at the moment, my favourite part of the day is probably the cool change at night when it's not too chilly to walk around.

Well, Vess and I have been so blessed to have spent the day yesterday catching up with dear friends. 
Friends from highschool and new friends. It's one of the best feelings to be able to meet up with people who you haven't seen for a while yet still be able to catch up where you left off. 

On another note, anyone have any good blog suggestions?

Need to re enter into the blogger sphere of things to increased motivation, inspiration and maybe collaborations! 

-keep stylish-


Saturday, January 12, 2013

// M&L {quirky adventures}

Final few shots of my photoshoot with Lina and Mike. These ones were taken in the same park where we discovered a lovely log and little path from which we could take some great depth of field photos. 

Lina and Mike were great! Not only were they willing to pose and try out different locations, but they would suggest photo ideas; eg. I think sitting on the log was Lina's idea. So many times I would look down to fiddle with my settings only to look up and find Lina and Mike doing a new pose or would have discovered something fun to do.

The best photo shoots are those which, despite feeling a little bit tired, you leave feeling excited and pumped up for the next one. I honestly couldn't wait to start editing and choosing photos, (but then Christmas, and New Years came, so I did sort of left it aside.)

Vess and I have been working on our crafting skills and I've got some more fashion photography on the way!

Thanks for having a look guys and thanks so much for my dear friends who are honest and lovely enough to let us know they like our stuff! 

Just the other day a friend from high school, who I bumped into after work mentions she liked our fashion photography. Even that little side comment, made my heart soar!

-keep smiling-


Thursday, January 10, 2013

M & L {floral fun}

Just before I left for my holiday, I did a mini photo shoot of my dear friends Mike and Lina. 

They are such a gorgeous couple and I had such a fun morning with them, laughing and prancing around the garden together. This little photoshoot came about, simply because I wanted to practice some of my photography and Lina had seen some of the pics I had done for Nina. I have this tendency to approach some of my good looking friends with boyfriends/girlfriends and ask them "hey, so I think you guys are  really good looking. Um, can I take photos of you? Pretty please?"  

And most of the time they tend to say "Yes?"

So to my new and old friends, don't be surprised if I pose the same question to you on a regular basis, especially if there is beautiful lighting or nice scenery!

Mike and Lina are such a fun couple to be around, always asking me if I felt comfortable or laughing at me when I would clumsily fall over the many plants in the garden. And they were so keen to give 110%, even coming to my house at around 9 to shoot (Any activity before 10am is pretty impressive in my books!) or crouching in some flowers for a photo. 

There will be another set of photos coming soon. Took me a while to get through all of them for editing, but I think I'm finally done with them all! Hopefully you guys enjoy viewing my good looking friends!

Ah, it's been a bit difficult for Vess and I to redo our blog layout, because she always seems to be working when I'm free and I work while she's at home. But I know, enough excuses, we will do it!

Stay happy and healthy and hope you are enjoying the weather, where ever you are! 

-keep smiling-