Tuesday, April 12, 2011



I would call this, comfy casual with an emphasis on unified accessories.

Paired the black dress with a variety of accessories that really makes the mustard scarf look lovely. Little bright burst of colour always make any black dress look amazing.

 Week one of LBD weekends and something thing to say:

It's Tuesday.
Was extremely caught up this weekend with tooo many things to do. But please do not fret, next weeks will definately be up next Sunday evening. My apologies and I pinky promise, cross my heart and hope to die, poke a needle in my eye promise that it will be up next Sunday.

And please enjoy my little illustration of my outfit. I personally think that I am definately out of practice. So please leave a comment in the coming weeks if you think that my illustrations improve (hopefully) or if you like a particular drawing style. That would be simply amazing!

-keep stylish-



  1. holy craaap that drawing is amazing!!=)

  2. Thanks so much lovelies! So very glad that you enjoy it, thank you for being so encouraging! I'll definately post up more illustrations soon. xx

  3. love this outfit. black and brown has been one of my favorite color combo this year.


    if thats your drawing when your'e "out of practice" i'd like to see it when you practice everyday! it really looks beautiful.

  4. Gosh, Thanks so much Reticella!!

    I feel like practicing everyday just for you!:) Here's another drawing I've done which I spent more time on: http://big-picture-stuff.blogspot.com/2011/03/frankie-love.html

    Thanks so much for checking out our blog lovely! Hopefully you'll check back with us xx