Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Hello lovely friends!

These lil beauty of a dress was brought back all the way from Israel by our wonderful mother. Mum and Dad took, according to our Church friends their 'second honeymoon' and were away for the past two week journeying through the Holy Land, learning about the Jewish culture, splashing it up in the Dead Sea but most importantly (and the real reason why they went!) to really get to know the culture and foundations of Jesus and his life. 

Quite an appropiate time, I reckon, as Easter is just around the corner! Yay! For us in Melbourne, it means a four day weekend, with family and friends. For those who know of Jesus' sacrifice, its a time of thanksgiving, reflection and assessment of our own lives and faith. 

These photos were taken in our backyard early in the morning. Since our parents took our DSLR camera with them to Israel I've been devoid of phototaking for the past two weeks. As soon as they were back, I was snapping away the next day! 

Tried a bit of a different editing style with this one. More muted and toned, with a bit of a feathery feel. What I love most about the pics would have to be the morning sunlight seeping through the leaves behind Vess. 

Some more exciting news! Val (that's me!) got a hair cut, it's like a retro short bob, I'm slightly scared that it looks too similar to Vess (it's a twin thing not to look the same as another person), but will 'unveil' my new hairstyle to you guys tomorrow! You can give me an assessment on whether I should be worried about getting mistaken for Vess. 

-keep stylish-



  1. tehe thanks Vey! :D

    saw your blogs new layout!
    soooo pro!

    Might want you to help us with our blog!

  2. LOVE!!

    ....i already can't tell the difference...XP


    1. naawww thanks Miss Lisa!

      you're adorable!

      But yes, who knew fashion in Israel was so fab? :D