Tuesday, May 31, 2011

//DENNIS the menace

Hello friends! I would like to share with you my present leisure readings. Dennis the Mennis! I actually came across this collection of all the Dennis the Menace cartoons in Borders (sniff, yes, they are closing down!). As I was flipping through this quite thick collection of daily comics, I fell in love with the simplistic drawings and witty humour of the cartoonist, Hank Ketcham. Vess then borrowed the book from her uni library and it quickly became quite a distraction from my exam studying.

Hope you enjoyed the selection of pictures I chose. I have to say, I thought those ones were quite funny. What did you think?

Thankyou, uni library!
my little man
Dennis Mitchell - a precocious but lovable, freckle-faced five-and-a-half-year-old boy with a famous blond cowlick and a penchant for mischief.

Hope that put a smile on your dial today! 

-keep smiling-


Monday, May 30, 2011


Shoes: Rivers
Scarf: Gift from Milan
Dress: Singapore
White Poncho: Giodarno 
Tights: Malaysia
Bag: Vintage

Hello dear readers!

Ponchos seem to be well loved this season. And this is what we think:

If they're good enough for Clint Eastwood,

they're good enough for us.

Clint Eastwood spaghetti westerns poncho

Had a great time styling this outfit, probably because of the poncho and the full skirt. It's so lovely wearing skirts in Autumn!
Ponchos are generally really fun to wear and prance around in! It's like... how can this be descibed... like wearing a stylish snuggie. Try to imagine that. :)

A big thank you to all of dear readers! You each simply make our day knowing that you're enjoying the big picture with us. Hope you like this look! 

"Go ahead. Make my day."
clint eastwood
-keep stylish-


Sunday, May 29, 2011


Back in the day when there was sunny weather in Melbourne we had a little tea party with our friends. Friends, cake and food, one of the best combinations! Above are some pictures I took with my friend's (the nom nom baker!) camera. That's why the photo quality is so much better! I really liked the packaging for the 'PASSION POP' beverage that our beautiful friend brought. The colour and the font really makes an enjoying dining experience cause the use of the dots and the pale pink really evokes the ideas of the brand name, fun, carefree and sweet memories.

I would also like to talk about the scrumptious cake that you can see before you. Our friend Em, has SUCH a passion for baking so much so that she slaved away at making such a beautiful cake for us! It's amazing how two layers of sponge cake, cream and some coconut can taste so good! She definately let her passion 'pop' in making such a delightful and stunning eating experience for us all.

How did you let your passion 'pop ' this week? 

-keep smiling-


Saturday, May 28, 2011


Boots: Dunno..childhood
Scarf: Gift from Milan
Dress/Shirt: Singapore (thankyou Aunty Joyce!)
White Cardigam: Savers
Skirt: Cotton On 
Red Tights: Malaysia
Owl Necklace: Singapore

Here are some pictures we took on mother's day a little while back. What's special about this outfit is the RED tights! They really brighten up the scene (especially the cold Melbourne weather) and make any outfit look quite adorable.  

Hope you've enjoyed Vess' blogging adventures from Singapore. I personally have been anticipating her posts and was blown away by the amazing things she saw/ate/experienced/explored and discovered!

On a side note, AUTUMN LEAVES! Aren't they wonderful? 

And here's a shout out to all our new followers!
You are wonderful!

-keep stylish-


Friday, May 27, 2011


Hey there lovely readers!
As promised, here is the very first post of a new part of Big Picture Stuff. You know those times when you meet someone who is just so insanely crazy amazing that you want to shout to the world how great they are?
Well, we want to do that here, with you.

So here it is! Posts dedicated to exhibiting the absolute amazing talents of people that we know! They inspire us, challenge us and we love them for it. And we know that they will definately inspire you too.

And to start us off, we are truly excited to share with you the creativity of our dear friend who we have known for aggesssss!
You might know her as my gorgeous tour guide around Singapore!

So meet our friend Miss Rach DFO

So yes, this is our stunning friend whom we adore, we wouldn't be the same without her.
A beautiful creative soul, she manages to challenge us, inspire us and encourage us. Seriously, how cool is she? So many film cameras, she made that gorgeous jewellery and her favourite book is about post modern art!
Oh, and she sings like an angel plays the ukulele. OH and my gorgeous dinner companions in Singapore, they are this lovely girl's wonderful friends, they in turn are sensationally talented in dance, music and in being just completely and totally sweet.

Rach answered this question for us!  
Big PIcture Stuff is when you acknowledge the little things and the impact that they can have
on the world!
And you can find her at  http://frankensteins.tumblr.com she posts beautiful things that inspire her. Go there to get your daily fix of gorgeous inspiring images that will definately get you thinking. You will love it.

So that's it friends, please leave a comment about what you think of this new exciting part of Big Picture Stuff. Like it, Love it. We don't mind, we're just glad that we can share our wonderful friend's loveliness with you.


Thursday, May 26, 2011


The final day in the lovely land of Singapore was spent with my wonderful auntie!

She took me Orchard road and we went ALL the way up to the top levels of... Orchard Central and we got to go STATIONARY SHOPPING! Who doesn't love that? :)

I got a couple of sketch books as presents, so hopefully I can share some thing with you guys soon!

But on a more serious note.

Stationary in Singapore

well cheap compared to Australia

After I had an enjoyable time browsing and enjoying the wonders that is stationary, we moved quickly to city plaza. There you can find a ton of clothes from Korea and Japan. They had a couple of really gorgeous things that were soooo lovely and soft! Quite a variety, but don't expect to get anything that's at an economical price! I did pick up a top and a dress for.. $10 each? I think that Val's going to share some photos of that dress with you lovelies soon.

And then, I said my goodbyes to my uncle and auntie and Rach, and I was on the plane home.

Which is another story in itself, lets just say that I got to eat grapes from business class and I was simply blessed beyond my imagination.

Lovely readers, that concludes my travels in Singapore! Thanks for reading and sharing this with me! Hopefully I've given you some insight to: where to go, what to see and encouraged you to go there for your own Singapore adventure.

I can't wait to share with you a brand new segment that will feature my wonderful friend and my tour guide on my Singapore journey!

for the finally time from my travels:
-keep exploring-

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


 Singapore has recently done a lot of work to bring the people of this good world:

another universal studios

And I got to go!
Truly a blessing for me! :D

Located at Sentosa, to get to Universal we had to go through Vivo city and take a shuttle uni-rail/train thing. Had an awesome view!

See, I wasn't just having fun, I was thinking of Val!


It was really amazing! There were different areas dedicated to different movies, the mummy, shrek, gotham city, star gate, jurassic park. The way they had created the "worlds" was fantastic! Nothing was wrong! And some of the things they made, WERE HUGE!! Favourites definately was the land of Far Far Away (Shrek!), Madagascar and the "hollywood" area. They had this gorgeous diner that made me feel like I was in the 40s :)

Enjoying the rides! Despite Rach's attempts to freak me out, I can successfully say. "I WENT ON THAT!"


Isn't it stunning?! 

And we met some famous fellows.

Funny story, the Peanut Butter Cup was running away from as I attempted to take a photo with it. Look at it steer away from attempts for a friendship...

Overall, a really great place to go for a fun day! The rides were great, but they failed to make me insanely scared. What impressed me was the authencity of the park! So many places to take photos and just have a really fun time. Definately go for a day trip!

-keep exploring-