Tuesday, May 24, 2011


 Singapore has recently done a lot of work to bring the people of this good world:

another universal studios

And I got to go!
Truly a blessing for me! :D

Located at Sentosa, to get to Universal we had to go through Vivo city and take a shuttle uni-rail/train thing. Had an awesome view!

See, I wasn't just having fun, I was thinking of Val!


It was really amazing! There were different areas dedicated to different movies, the mummy, shrek, gotham city, star gate, jurassic park. The way they had created the "worlds" was fantastic! Nothing was wrong! And some of the things they made, WERE HUGE!! Favourites definately was the land of Far Far Away (Shrek!), Madagascar and the "hollywood" area. They had this gorgeous diner that made me feel like I was in the 40s :)

Enjoying the rides! Despite Rach's attempts to freak me out, I can successfully say. "I WENT ON THAT!"


Isn't it stunning?! 

And we met some famous fellows.

Funny story, the Peanut Butter Cup was running away from as I attempted to take a photo with it. Look at it steer away from attempts for a friendship...

Overall, a really great place to go for a fun day! The rides were great, but they failed to make me insanely scared. What impressed me was the authencity of the park! So many places to take photos and just have a really fun time. Definately go for a day trip!

-keep exploring-

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