Monday, January 23, 2012

//FLANNEL GRAPH bible stories

Hello friends! 

These shots were taken a while back when it was still in the winter season and Vess still had her somewhat Zooey Deschanel inspired hair cut.

These adorable CRE (Christian Religious Education) props of bits and pieces were obtained from our Church's archives which Mum brought home for us to have a look at. We had two boxes of basically ALOT of crafty goodness and old school props at our disposable. The original idea was to sort through all of them and keep pieces which we liked, but there was just TOO many to get through, so we ended up taking photos of a few cute ones.

What I love most about these props and pieces is the genuiness of them, that each piece has been hand painted with such detail to tell a beautiful story. I am also strangely drawn to the nice bold thick black outlines  on many of the pictures. 

Hope you enjoyed taking a look!

Just little ways Sunday teachers make the Bible come alive!

-keep smiling-


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