Monday, January 21, 2013


Presenting the beautiful Ashley, Ashley is Viv's friend from primary school and I believe they have been friends since kinder or some very cute age like that! These shots were taken in the park at around 8pm, with very dim lighting and probably not the best shooting conditions. Hopefully a little bit of filters improved  the bad lighting but hopefully can do another shoot soon. 

Ash is such a gorgeous girl, inside and out and she has such fantastic modelling skills. Pretty much any picture I took of her came out amazing, just cause she is such a beautiful girl. Honestly, having been a model myself, I know how intimidating or insecure it can be to allow another person 'control' over your image. Especially as I'm more use to being behind the camera it's pretty difficult to get me to relax. While for Ash, she was a complete natural in front of the camera (as cliche as it sounds).

I've also been taken some time today to simply relax and slow done a bit. And to be honest with you, it can be pretty diffcult. So I took a long walk, took my time doing the laundry (took me so long Viv thought I had gone out) and have spent the morning getting uni things organised  and looking at photography blogs. 

Which then makes me want to do more stuff and get busy with photography. 

So my relaxing day has only contributed to motivating me to get more busyhas only contributed to motivating me to get more busy

A final special thansk to Viv and Ashley for letting me take pictures of them.

Two such beautiful souls

-keep smiling-


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