Friday, February 22, 2013

//GOODBYE for a new chapter

Exciting news!

Read below for some exciting and new information!

Yes, it is true, unfortunately, we have moved from blogger to wordpress accompanied by a new layout, design and a fresh start to our photography and design future.

This decision came from my own troubles and difficulties with using blogger and htmls and also a desire to create a more enduring and professional blog space by having our own domain name.

After some thought, we also decided against moving our blog posts from our blogger website over, but rather, we decided to  select a few posts which we felt would suit our new direction. 

I've really enjoyed our time at this blog and receiving such encouragement and feedback from so many of our dear friends and family who make blogging and our photography so enjoyable.

This blog will be still be up and running, but sadly no more updates.

We would love it if you guys started to follow us on our new website for more beautiful photography, whimsical dreamings and exciting design projects!

Thankyou so much for supporting us here and we hope you continue to support us and taking this exciting journey with us at


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