Friday, April 15, 2011


Dotted top: Feathers-op=shopped
Skirt: Tempt
Hair Piece: Diva
Scarf: Mum's wardrobe
Shoes: Grandma's wardrobe


Here's a pic of one of our very unique pairs of flats. We like to call them 'Granny shoes' cause I think they actually belonged to our Grandmother. Found them at the back of our shoes cupboard one day tried them on and they looked lovely! Extremely unique and quite 'in style' at the moment. 

The bow detail and the floral pattern seem to be very reaccuring elements of many clothes today. So these lovely slipppers seem quite at place with today's universal love for vintage and quirky pieces. 

Also would like to introduce to you our lovely dog, Angel. She's a cutie pie. Very lovable and excitable little thing. She's guest appearing in our post because as we were taking these photos, she was also trying to sneak out the door.  So Vess grabbed her to stop her from journeying too far.

Thanks so much for looking at our blog!
All your support really makes our day! Truly it does.
We can only hope that we are able to make your day, just that little bit brighter too!

Have a blessed, wonderful, spotty and floral weekend!

-keep stylish-



  1. Hey, i saw those at your house the other day! lol. so awesome n comfy. looks good on u too~ xoxo, Mrs. Vun

  2. Thanks so much Mrs Vun! Have a feeling that you have great taste in fashion too! :D
    We should feature you on our blog!!!