Sunday, April 3, 2011


Maxi Dress: Dotti
Knit Vest: Deborah K
Hair Piece: Gift
Bangles: Diva
Charm Bracelet: Bought from Greece

These shots were taken in a nearby park close to our house. Vess is amazing at being inspired and at coming up with creative ideas, so when we came home on Friday, straight away she said, "Put your maxi dress on, and get on your bike, we're going to take some PHOTOS!

Here are the end results! 

Just a little backgroud about my outfit, the Maxi dress from Dotti, I bought last boxing day. For those who don't know, Boxing day is the day after Christmas (and I'm assuming that the name derives from  the fact that you 'box' your Christmas decorations?) and also is the day of some massive sales. So I found this great bargain squished in the corner of the sale rack....and I bought this full length dress for...not $20...not $10..but for $7!!! Originally priced at $99 (checked the price tag) and reduced to $7. That's what I would call a great bargain!

Hope all you lovelies are having blessed days of simplistic pleasures and surprising bargains.

Enjoy the pictures!

"Yeah we all shine on, like the moon, and the stars, and the sun." John Lennon

-keep stylish-


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