Monday, April 25, 2011



Shoes: Malaysia (mum's wardrobe)
Scarf: Gift from Milan
Stripy Dress/Shirt: Malaysia
Bali Jacket: Savers

Well, I was looking throught the blog archive and it seemed we haven't done a Keep Stylish post for a while. So, here's a lovely jacket which Vess bought for me, from the mega, op shop super store SAVERS. Yup, the same place where I obtained my lovely camel shirt!

Why the name you may ask? Well, I wore this jacket to Church on Sunday and one of our family friends said, "Wow, is that shirt from Bali? It's so colourful, very Balinese right?" And then I said, "no, it's from the op-shop, but it could be Balinese! (if you want it to be...)" Was an interesting exchange of words for a Sunday morning.

So, decided to name this jacket the 'Balinese jacket'. Makes it sound more creative, original and quirky.

Hoping you guys are enjoying the posts!

Cause I've definately been enjoying making them for you!

Oh, and if you're wondering, who took my pictures since Vess is gone. The photo skills are done by my lovely little sister Viv, she's a sweetie and always seems to find herself, willingly or unwillingly drawn into the 'Big Picture' world of her older sisters.

-keep stylish-


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