Sunday, April 17, 2011


Project: Unique and personaled photo frames
Aim: To show love and appreciation to some wonderful friends
Materials: $1 woodern frames from Ikea, white and black paint, printed Batman comics, finishing gloss.
We made these quite a while ago as presents for our dear friends; Meiling, who's amazing work you can see at and Ngoc, who's inspiring and sometimes very hilarously funny work you can explore at Take a look, and leave a comment I'm sure they'll appreciate it!
These photo frames were made to remember happy memories and to cater for our lovely friend's own personal styles. Ngoc, is a total Batman and Robin starstruck follower and Meiling is quite simplistic and a realist sort of gal. Can you guess which photoframe is for who?
nanananananananan BAT MAN!!! (just had to say it, don't know if I will get another opportunity!)
have a wonderful week!
-keep crafty-

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