Sunday, April 17, 2011


A casual bohemian approach to the little black dress. Paired with harem pants, this take on the LBD is a little bit "I dream of Jeanie", with a little bit of neutrals, with just a bit of classic style.

Knits with any black dress guarantees a light and effortless gorgeous look

As promised, LBD week two is up on a lovely Sunday evening! Thanks for trusting in our promises! :)

Was just over the moon with the encouragement that we recieved from the last LBD post. I (Vess) hasn't really practiced my illustration skills in a while! Its been a joy to share my illustrations with you and recieve so much love! So here is another illustration in a different style that has an emphasis on detail. Do you like this style or the LBD week one?

In terms of illustrations; I really can't wait to share with you some of my favourite fashion illustrators! And in terms of the LBD, lovely Val has been encouraging me to try some different things with the LBD. Because I see her as my personal super stylist, I'm excited with anticipation of what we'll think of next. 

Please stay posted to see what we do next week!
-keep stylish-


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  1. i LOVE THAT LOOK! love the cardigan! and omg! DID u guys draw the bottom picture? amazing! :) <3