Saturday, April 2, 2011

//P is for...


-Multiple '3 point turns'

-120 hours

-Two driving instructors

-A harzards test

-Multiple drives with the parentals

-Hazardous situations in roundabouts

we can happily present to you the lovely fact that..

P is for:

We finally have our Ps!
So BIG celebrations in our household this week.
It's an indescrible feeling when you finally achieve something that you've been striving and preparing for. Also quite a milestone in our life to remember. So, we feel very blessed to be able to share this with you now.

With our new found 'skills' as SOLO drivers we hope to bless others too. Cause, one of our great friends told us, that only '8% of the world drives', so we're the lucky few and we plan not to take this wonderful privledge for granted!  

Thanks to all of our beautiful friends for the prayers, encouragement, support and belief in us. You are so amazing.

Getting our 'Ps' was a; P-erfect, P-riceless, P-leasant, P-eachy, P-recious and simply WONDERFUL end of our week!

-keep smiling-


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