Monday, April 4, 2011


Project: Thankyou Cards
Aim: To share some thanks and to appreciate someone 
Materials: Paper from Paperpoint, Blue ink, PS3,coloured paper
Here are some lovely little cards which we whipped up a while back for our teachers. We made them using both manuel and computer skills, as Vess drew the original bow image and then photoshopped it on the computer. (We chose the baby blue colour cause it sort of remindes us of Tiffanys& co.)
Spreading gratitude and thanks to the people around you is such a beautiful blessing, something we should do more of. Sometimes we don't realise that we can make someone feel, appreciated, special, loved and siginificant just by saying the simple words...
So thankyou so much to all our viewers and friends! We appreciate your kind words and support so much!
Hopefully we'll have a comment tab/button soon (when we both knuckle down and find the time!) so you can also leave your mark on this Big Picture.
-keep crafty-

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