Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Hello Mr Clooney! Widely known as the bachelor, of middle aged women in the star-struck world of today.
No, we haven't included Mr Clooney on our blog, due to sheer adoration of him (even though he is a great actor and personality), but due to the above photoshoot. The photo spread above, I found in a Women's day magazine and I really, really loved it!

It sort of looks like they placed him in an instant photo booth (love those things) and said 'have fun! and by the way, we'll be putting these pictures in a magazine when you're done." Love it!

So it order to recreate the same, atmosphere of spontaneous fun, we decided to create our own little 'magazine spread'.


First Vess!

Side note, we don't wear glasses, but love to play with our little sister's 'fake' glasses.

Then Val...

If you see the 'ghosty' double exposure, that was purely by accident. Gives it a sort of interesting look. Also had to leave it there because I didn't have other photos to cover it with!

Was a great way to enjoy and appreciate the afternoon sun!

Have a blessed day!

-keep smiling-


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