Monday, October 8, 2012

//NINA {autumn}

Look 4 of our Nina photoshoot series, how absolutely gorgeous does she look? Definately a perfect outfit for this season. Bravo Nina for braving the cold and modelling this dress so beautifully! I believe that Nina wore this dress to a wedding previously, and her favourite aspect of the dress is the lovely bow at the back.  

Also, how great does her bright blue belt look with the pink? I don't know about you, but I'm definately inspired to play around with pastel colours now! It really does make a difference having that touch of sky blue to finish off the look. It just adds to the sense of fun in the whole outfit!

With the weather slowly getting warmer, we can't wait to do more shoots of summery spring clothes!  We only have one more of Nina's looks in this series, and it's a gorgeous summery outfit that's the perfect way to tie up this series. 

And a massive Thank You to everyone who have been liking our page on FaceBook! So happy to be making friends, and sharing this journey with you! 

-keep stylish-


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