Monday, October 15, 2012


Taken the day of Jon and Steph's wedding. It was such a beautiful and elegant wedding. So much love, joy, happiness and support from both sides of the family, the friends and of course, from the married couple themselves. Yet again, I can not emphasize enough, how Jon and Steph are such a honest, pure, God fearing and inspiring couple. 

The day was full of such beautiful moments, my favourite would probably be watching Jon's face as Steph walked down the aile with her father. For those who have watched 27 dresses, you all would know/learnt that the best part of the wedding ceremony is watching the groom's face  as his bride walks into the room. The groom's face literally lights up with wonderment and awe at the bride walks in. I can't even begin to imagine the emotions running through their heads when they see each other for the first time (for the day) on their wedding day.

Sadly, I didn't bring my camera to the wedding. I was afraid people would mistake me as a professional photographer (what has caused some awkward moments in the past!). I totally regretted it later, as everyone was so nicely dressed and the lighting in the reception was beautiful.

But I enjoyed the day, nonetheless, despite not being behind the lense.

Sorry, this post doesn't even talk about the outfit at all! 

Well, thi dress, Vess bought a few weeks ago at Harbour Town Docklands. I think it was $25. The cutest part of the dress is probably the collar and the pattern. It's such a quirky little piece and Vess, with her curled locks, pulls it off so nicely. 

I need to ask Vess to take some pictures of me (Val) I seem to be a little bit absent (photo wise) within the blog at them moment.

Enjoy the lovely day, you even lovelier people!

-keep stylish-


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