Saturday, October 6, 2012

//NINA {summer}

Hi again guys, Here is part three of our photo shoot on the roof, probably will finish off the series, with one more post (thinking of combining two of the outfits) and maybe a 'behind the scenes post. Which will probably consist of pictures of Nina looking terribly cold! (honestly, I can not emphasize enough, how amazing she is and how much of a trooper she was!)

This is probably one of my favourite outfits which she pieced together for the day. The bright yellow and pink are such staple colours for the next fashion season (I'm really loving the brightness!). I honestly never could imagine fluro colours being so classy, devoid of 80s rollarblades, leg warmers and sweatbands associations. 

One more piece to highlight in this post is her wonderful necklace, which she bought online ($17, I think) from Nasty Girl. It's such a beautiful necklace, I borrowed it one night when we went out with Vess' design friends and it was such grand feature of my outfit. 

Just a little note into our lives, we went to a wedding today, the infamous Jon and Steph! For those who have been following B.P.S for a while, they may remember them as the couple who we did some engagement photography for, which you can see in these posts. One at the park and the other at the beach.  It was a fabulous day, only regret for me was not bringing my camera, but I guess it's nice to take a break sometimes. (I guess I get excited when surrounded by so many lovely and gorgeous people, I can't help taking pictures of them! )

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