Tuesday, October 30, 2012

//PUPPY LOVE {zara}

Vess, says, let the pictures speak for themselves, so I will. 

“Happiness is a warm puppy.” 
― Charles M. Schulz

Our lovely friends Virginia and Reuel recently acquired a golden retriever pup for Reuel's birthday.

Her name is Zara, and she is juts too adorable! 
I went to their house to take a few photos of their darling dog who was so full of energy and life despite being so little. She's become the unofficial mascot of our youth ministry and all of our friends who have gone to visit her, have fallen instantly in love.

I love seeing owners with their dogs. Their silent pride and connection is something only pet owners possess. Apparently over time, owners begin to look like their pets. I love testing out this theory when I take my own dog for walks, seeing the old man with a beard walking his grey shaggy dog or the lean lady walking her grey hound. 

And then there's me with a fluffy pomeranian. 

On a happy note, I (Val) has finished exams. Thus, will be able to spend more time blogging and actually fill out those blank, 'about', 'FAQ' and 'contact' pages for our blog!

Keep a look out for it and for more pictures of this lovely couple and their adorable dog.

-keep smiling-


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