Thursday, October 11, 2012

//NINA {winter}


Final photo set of the beautiful Nina. Again, I cannot emphasize, what a trooper she was through the entire shoot. Always willing to grin and bear the cold she was such  a pleasure to shoot and collab with. Some final shots of Nina and her amazing style. For me her shoes were the best part of this outfit, they were such a beautiful, plum purple colour, and were of a gorgeous velvety testure. 

We changed location (more like, went to a different area of the Westfield car park) due to the continuous rain, to this gravely wall which was under shelter. Thus the photos are a bit more dimmer due to the lack of natural lighting but Nina still looks stunning!

Hopefully I'll be able to follow up this post with some posts of Vess and her artwork.  She's studying a graphic design course and I'm hoping by posting some of her pictures, she may be inspired to draw and paint more! 

Thanks again, to all our wonderful friends, who have 'liked' our FB page, you guys are stars! 

Hopefully you've enjoyed our 'rooftop' Nina series!

-keep stylish-



  1. I love this series so much! You did such a great work, dear :) So were your model, she's such a gorgeous girl I'm falling in love!

    Hope to see more from you!


    1. Naw thankyou beautiful Mandy!

      It means so much to hear you say that!
      tehe, I know she is a stunner :)

      can't wait to do more work to show you!