Friday, October 26, 2012


Final shots of my mini photo shoot with Viv, from last week.
Sorry for the blog-absence, uni exams and assignments are rolling together, so I'm trying to get my study-on! Really can not wait for exams and uni to be over. We've got so many blog ideas, design projects, fashion shoots and collaborations that we want to get done. It's gonna be an EXCITING holidays!

Speaking of creative projects, Vess and I attending the Mali auction last night, which as I like to put it was a great 'closing off' of our Mali chapter. For those who are unaware, of our Mali journey, you can  check out this Mali blog update and this blog post of Mali in her place at Queen Vic Market.

It was such an exciting night, with all  the proceeds raised from the selling of each individual sculpture going towards the zoo and further zoo conservation. Didn't hit me until today, what a massive achievement and impact that our art work can have to help the future and to help the world. Really a truly amazing experience.

Below I've featured two of our vintage cameras! Does anyone know what these cameras are called?
One we bought at a country market fair and the other was my dad's old camera from his high school days. I really wished they both still worked, but sadly, Dad says his is broken and I wouldn't have a clue on how to use the box-y one.


Thanks for looking friends, expect more blog posts soon!

-keep smiling-


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