Thursday, August 30, 2012


Some more photos from the Grandma dress series. Looking back on the photos, I can't beleieve these were done in a low light setting in Eva's garage, with her dad's motorbike on the side and Costco pasta and other assortments of things in the back ground.  

She was such an amazing model, and is such a great friend for letting us borrow her beautiful dresses and beautiful self.

Melbourne weather is warming up, slightly (emphasis on the slightly!), and I can't wait to have an opportunity to go out more and take some more shots of the city, museums, gardens, spring flowers. I am greatly aniticipating picnics, outings and outdoor photoshoots in the coming warmer weather. 

But until then, I'm going to try convince Vess to upload some photos from her trip in PRATO, ITALY! She has so many amazing photos ( I think in Europe, if you take a photo of aannytthhiingg, it will turn out beautiful, regardless) of the cities, the people, the design spaces. And even if she doesn't manage to upload, I'll rumage through her files to share some with you guys! 

 This one below would have to be my favourit photo from the series. 

Hope you enjoyed them!
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  1. SO cute! I love the hat. And the blue looks great on you. :)

    1. Thanks lydia! :)

      sorry it took so long to reply! I think the comment slipped under the radar!

      sad to say the beautiful individual isn't one of us, it's our friend Eva, who kindly modelled for us, but the hat, I'm happy to say belongs to us.

      Love your blog btw, you have a lovely writing style!

      thankyou for the comment lovely!