Tuesday, August 28, 2012

//BIT of BROWN and RED

I'm not sure if this is terrible or encouraging, but it seems that when I have assignments due, I tend to procrastinate quite a bit, and tend to blog alot more. (Good or Bad?)

It's been really great weather recently, and seeing the sun and the potential neon colours popping up everywhere. I went to Chadstone today, and neon was EVERYWHERE! I better get me some neon-ness soon, or I may miss out. 

The key piece I want to highlight in this post would probably have to be, the jacket, which Vess bought at a Salvo store in Camberwell. Usually we tend to stray away from Salvo stores, cause they can be a bit over priced at times as compared to other, smaller op shops. But this time, when we went to the one in Camberwell, we were overwhelmed by the sheer volume of clothes, especially winter jackets and coats. 

Surprisingly we were able to find, sooo many nice coats, like the one featured in this post ($10!), a portmans coat and a MARC jacobs coat as well. Which we all bought for reasonably cheap prices if you compare it to buying any jacket new ($100+!)

Our wonderful cousin has been helping me fix up our blog slightly, so you hopefully will be seeing some improvements, concerning layout, colour and basic organization. (Cause, I think she's quite a PRO at blogger!)

Again thankyou to our new followers! Seriously, each new follower, I get extra motivated to keep our blog moving along. Thanks for the encouragement guys! 

Makes everything worth it. 

-keep stylish-


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