Thursday, August 16, 2012

//MALI in the CITY

 Hello lovely friends. I've had so many people come up and ask me about Mali and the whole process and what it's about. Which is GREAT and really really exciting. Basically, the zoo is turning 150 years old and to celebrate, the zoo in colaboration with 50 artists have installed 50 life sized (baby sized) elephants around the city in specific places as an act of public art and to ad some colour and awareness in the city. 

These elephants will be on display until the end of the month, where they will then be auctioned off, in order to raise funds for the zoo and it's conservation work. 

As our elephant is sponsored by the Queen Victoria Market, our 'Pink Elephant' is residing at the front of the food court in the Market. We're hoping as a family to visit Mali on Sunday, to take some pictures and to see her interacting with fellow Melbournians. 

Within all the hype of painted elephants appearing around the city, thought it would be nice to provide you guys with some more 'behind the scenes' shots. Of our dear friends, Emily, Thu, Emerald and Meiling helping out to make Vess' design into a reality. 

I sort of feel a bit like Andy Warhol's factory workers. 

Making a genuis' dream into reality.

More pictures (depending on my internet) will be up soon of other elephants and the Mali in the City launch night which was held at the zoo. 

Hope you guys enjoyed the pics!

-keep inspired-


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