Thursday, August 23, 2012


Vess had a uni project last semester which required the need to do a fashion photo shoot for a self designed magazine. Our amazing friend Eva allowed us to shoot some photos of her in these beautiful dresses of hers, which we like to call her 'grandma dresses'. 

Due simply to the fact that they are all passed down to her wonderful Grandma who resides in Kuching Malaysia. 

Each dress and each piece were so beautiful, handmade by tailors and self designed by her grandma. There was something so unique and special about each dress, and each peice was so timeless. I personally just love how enduring these dresses were. how the quality of the dress could reach across generations, allowing it to be reworn and appreciated despite the years that passed.

We shot three to four dresses which will feature in the next three to four posts, all done in her garage with the use of the fleeting natural lighting seeping through the garage door.  

I contemplated editing some of these photos, but Vess said they were better without them.

So here are the unedited, pure, raw photos, in their simplicity. 


Also wanted to do a quick shout out to our amazing new followers. You guys are amazing. Thankyou for following and looking, its so encouraging and makes me feel like the hours used up on photoshop are all worth it.

-keep inspired-



  1. Loving the dress and the whole look so much! The lighting's also very natural! Can't wait to see the rest :)


    1. HIHI!

      thanks Mandy!

      just recently discovered the best image pixel size to use to get the quickest upload (im using 600-800 pixels, is that alright you reckon?).

      So hoping for more pictures soon!

      Hopefully the anticipation will get me motivated to blog!

  2. Replies
    1. hahahahahaa NGOC! ^^


      There will be more soon! dw, thus= MINDBLOWN! :D

      haha, when I get around to adjusting image size... :P