Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Set 3 of the Grandma dress series, this dress is probably one of my favourites, the diamond studs and the V design down the front, makes the dress look so classic and timeless. Sitting next to my friend, Nina at Uni, looking at these photos, she said "there's nothing grandma about these dresses", which is so true. 

Makes me question what type of clothes's I'm buying and if they will last decades (probably not, accounting for where they're from), and whether I'll be wearing them later on. I just bought a fluro yellow dress from portmans, ($30!), which came with a belt (score!), which I wonder, will I wear it again in three months time.....we'll see....

Hopefully I'll be able to finish showing you guys the final pictures from this series and them move on to some new work. (But I am secretly pleased, with the many pictures of Eva, in our posts, as she is SUCH a good looking individual!) 

I plan to take pictures of some of Vess' illustration work, I think she's a brilliant illustrator, and I haven't featured her artwork here! 

How have you enjoyed your week?

And on another note, I have discovered and made a new blogger friend, Man D.

Who you can check out here at her Blog, she has wonderful photography work and is quite the hit on instagram! 

-keep inpired-


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