Friday, August 10, 2012


Hello dear friends!

Well, my lovely sister in Red, has come back from her amazing trip in Italy, slightly more tan, very much inspired and with a ton of vintage dresses! 

The first night she came back she spent nearly 2 hours talking through each piece, detailing the story behind each one. She went through; which market she bought it at, which lovely Italian individual sold it to her and how much she bought it for ("these dresses were 5 Euro!"). What I loved most about each of the vintage pieces she brought back, was their quality, their textures and their durability. 

This beautiful red dress was bought from a vintage shop which she happened to stumble across with a friend. The colour is so rich with warmth and the cutting, especially around the sleeves and bodice, is simply beautiful. 

Can't wait to show you more of the lovely vintage finds from; Paris, Italy, etc. and some of her beautiful photos. (Seriously, I think if you take a picture ANYWHERE in Italy, you'll have an instant stockphoto). Still thinking of the best way of presenting th dresses (possible photo shoot?) but will keep you guys updated!

Thanks again for following and supporting big picture stuff! 

Your encouragement is amazing!

P.S, I didn't manage to think or come up with a response to the Streets advertising. :( Maybe I still have time...we'll see! 

Melbourne weather, is a bit drab and rainy at the moment, so, stay warm, dry and waterproof your shoes (speaking from experience, wet socks, not the best)!

-keep stylish-


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