Thursday, July 28, 2011


Jacket: Childhood
Dress: Malaysia
Shoes: Rivers Sunnies: Myers

Thought is was about time we showed you what we wore in sunny Queensland! It was so warm compared to chilly Melbourne that we were wearing dresses, shirts, light cardigans, basically spring and summer clothes which were getting quite dusty in our wardrobe! 

The above pics are from what I think is the 'SouthBank' of Queens land. It was the home of the man made swimming pool/beach, (yes, people were swimming there and sun baking) and the $5 movie tickets (we watched kungfu panda 2!!)

Another great event that was happening on Southbank was this mini market. It was fantastic! Small crafty ideas, corn, churros, animal shaped usbs, deco and more. Lots of vintage fashion as well, which I thought was really special. Made me feel part of a wider world of vintage lovers!

thought to finish the post with this pic,

cause everyone loves corn on a cob!

-keep stylish-


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